A Woman’s Place and what comes next

Cat Lady Club (Initiation)

Cat Lady Club (Initiation), mixed media on paper. Available.

Way back in August, I had an exhibition called A Woman’s Place. It included around 40 paintings and mixed-media pieces of mine – probably the largest show I’ve ever done. There were several different themes running through the artwork, all having to do with woman and where we belong. At the very personal end, I depicted my dying husband and myself as a widow. When he was alive, my place was with him, but now?

I also included many of my images of groups of women, inspired by the women’s marches around the world which took place earlier this year, and also by the friends who have gathered to support me through this difficult year. Some of these morphed into playful depictions of nonexistent rituals – rituals I invented to mark the transition from wife to widow.

Rain on North Bridge

Rain on North Bridge, mixed media on paper. Available.

The show was rounded out with many cityscapes of Edinburgh, a city I have definitely come to think of as my place. Scott’s death put a question mark over my ability to stay here long-term, but I am doing everything I can to be here.

I was pleased with the exhibition. It was a lot to put together in the months after Scott’s death, but in a way it was good for me to have a project, something specific to focus on, a direction. Since then, my creative practice has kind of lost its direction. It’s milling around in the forest, being distracted by interesting things here and there, but unable to commit to a path. I’m trying to make sure I focus on showing up every day, ready to make whatever art wants to be made. I’m starting to feel tugs in certain directions. We’ll just have to see what way they lead.


Misshapen, mixed media on paper. [SOLD]



Work in progress with kitten.

It has been over two months since my husband died. I am through the worst of the paperwork and other post-death responsibilities, and my life is starting to get molded into its new routines and habits.


Gathered, mixed media on paper. Available.

I got a kitten so I don’t have to come home to an empty apartment. She likes to play in my studio. It’s just a matter of time before I find inky footprints all over the flat.


Work in progress.

Last year I committed to an exhibition at the Central Library here in Edinburgh for this coming August. I had thought of cancelling, but realized that having it on the horizon gave me something positive and manageable to work towards this summer. My work has changed a lot since I signed up for this show, so the theme of the exhibit will probably be very different from my original plan. I’m trying not to worry about that too much, instead just allowing my work to go where it wants to go. I have a couple more weeks before I have to settle on a title.

A Seaside Stroll

A Seaside Stroll, mixed media on paper. Available.


ScottMacBook - 1

My husband died a month ago. I’ve been rather quiet online since then, busy with paperwork and grief and more paperwork (death brings so much paperwork, especially if you’ve lived in several countries). But sooner or later I want to reemerge – to continue to share my art and my thoughts and my writing, even at this particularly difficult time. Especially at this particularly difficult time. So I guess this is me reemerging.

The image is a painting I did of him several years ago, when I was experimenting with modern attributes in portraits. As he was a computer hardware engineer and an Apple fanboy, the MacBook seems like the perfect attribute for him.

Of mixed media and Glaswegian hospitals


Be(d)side, 56x42cm, mixed media on paper.

I’m still hanging out in Glasgow these days, away from my studio. My husband and I have been here since mid-November, when he checked into the hospital for his stem cell transplant. There have been some complications along the way, keeping us here longer than we’d hoped, but he is making progress. In the meantime, I am trying to keep up a little artistic practice from the small table in my temporary flat.

Olympia's Visitors

Olympia’s Visitors, 25x38cm, mixed media on watercolor paper. Available.

I’m mostly working in mixed media on watercolor paper. In addition to my usual materials (charcoal, pastel, pencil, watercolors, gesso, ink, conte), I am playing with some new Derwent Inktense pencils and blocks, which are solid ink you can draw with. The colors are beautifully saturated, although I feel I still have more to learn about how to best use them.

The Women

The Women, 30x40cm, mixed media on watercolor paper. Available.

My subject matter is shifting focus a bit, as well. In addition to scenes from my daily life visiting Scott at the hospital, images of women alone and in groups have been inspiring me lately. From friends who have supported me through my husband’s illness, to the millions who have been standing up for their rights worldwide, I am greatly appreciating the power and strength of women at this moment in history. I intend to develop some additional pieces that celebrate this strength.

I’ve added a few new pieces to my online shop this week, which you can see here.

We are here

We are here, 10x15cm, mixed media on watercolor paper. [SOLD]

Well that went by quickly


(To start by stating the obvious) November is at an end already. I’ve been doing my best to fit in creative time when I can. Most days it’s just a bit of drawing in my sketchbook. Here are a couple of the images I’ve created over the past month.


I noticed that the heads on many of my figures were starting to look a little skeletal, which lead me to do some skull studies as research. I’ve also continued to play around with narrative images, inserting figures into cityscapes and landscapes composed of elements from various parts of Scotland.


At the moment I’m in Glasgow, where my husband is scheduled to receive his stem cell transplant tomorrow. This November has been anything but normal, but I am feeling hopeful about the future. Fingers crossed that we are home and he’s on the way to a full recovery by the end of the year.


Art Every Day Month 2016

Two Figures, Armless

Two Figures, Armless; mixed media on paper. Available.

Art Every Day Month is here again! I’ve been participating for most of the past 11 years (the first time was way back when I lived in Switzerland).

This year is going to be a stretch for me, but it’s also a good way to challenge myself. In a few days my husband will be checking into the hospital in Glasgow for a stem cell transplant to treat his relapsed Acute Myeloid Leukemia. I’ll be away from my studio in Edinburgh for most of the month, so most of what I make will probably be in my sketchbook, and I probably won’t get around to posting it here every day. But I will push myself to make at least a few marks on paper each and every day this month. I think it will be good for my sanity to do so.

The above piece is a study for a series I’m working on which is tentatively called Person in Place. I’m setting out to explore relationships between human beings and location. Location can refer to one’s position on earth, or it can be relative, such as one’s physical proximity to another person. I’m drawing on imagery and narrative from a variety of sources, including photos and histories of immigrants at Ellis Island (where my great-grandparents passed through), figure drawings, my sketches and photos of cities and countries, and other sources. This series will be exhibited next August in Edinburgh, so it has a fair amount of time to evolve and develop as I play with the theme. We shall see where it ends up.

Art for a cause

Victoria Street

Victoria Street Edinburgh [SOLD]

If you subscribe to my newsletter or follow my Facebook page, you may already know that my husband’s leukemia has recently returned. The first time he was sick, in 2013, I really struggled to keep making art during his treatment and recovery. This time around, I am trying to make art a priority as much as possible. I am sneaking in short sessions in the studio whenever I can, while still fulfilling the role of caregiver to the best of my ability.

The Street to the Castle

The Street to the Castle. Available.

I’m keeping myself motivated with a pledge to donate at least 10% of all my art sales through the end of 2016 to charities which serve blood cancer patients (through research, stem cell donor registries, and other support). If you’d like to see what work I have available, check out my online shop.

Tuscan farmhouse yellow

Yellow Farmhouse Tuscany. Available.

So far I’ve raised almost £500 through sales and other donations, which feels amazing and makes me want to keep going. Scott and I are reading up on various charities to decide how the funds will be split. Some will definitely go to DKMS to help with the costs of registering new potential donors (myself and many friends included).


Cocooned. [SOLD]

We also want to direct some of the donation towards whichever registry managed to find Scott’s donor – so far we have been told that a match has indeed been found for him (a huge relief), but we don’t have any more details yet. Once we find out, I’ll share them in a future update.

Biergarten at Chinese Tower

Biergarten at Chinese Tower. [SOLD]

Scott will be receiving his transplant in Glasgow, where he’ll be in hospital for at least four weeks (and possibly much longer). I’m currently trying to figure out what type of art I want to make while there in my temporary accommodation. What supplies should I bring along? What subjects could I tackle?

Missing Faces

Hold Me 2

Untitled work in progress, mixed media.

I love painting and drawing faces. Portraiture has always been a big part of my artistic practice. So why have faces been missing from so much of my recent work?


Untitled work in progress, mixed media.

It’s possible that I was too focused on faces, to the point of not paying enough attention to other parts of the composition, the body, the scene. These faceless pieces feel like a challenge I’ve set for myself to see if I can still create interesting art without relying on facial details and expression. I’m finding them intriguing, and I’ve had some positive feedback from others so far, as well, so I guess I am doing something right.


Untitled work in progress, mixed media.

I’m certainly not done with faces forever – in fact a number of my current works in progress are very face-focused – but for now I want to continue to explore these faceless figures, too. My husband thinks they look like robots. To me they evoke those little wooden artists’ manikins, or possibly some of the mannequins found in Giorgio de Chirico’s work.

I’m raising money for leukemia research! At least 10% of all my art sales through the end of the year will be donated to blood cancer charities. If you’d like to help me out, you can shop my available work online here.

New work

In the Water by Julie Galante

In the Water, 16.5x15cm, mixed media on paper. [SOLD]

I’ve been pretty quiet for the past several months – not just here but all over the place. I wasn’t making tons of art, at least not finished pieces, but I was mulling over lots of ideas for what I want to do next. An artist friend of mine said she calls this a chrysalis period.

You and Me

You and Me, 32x24cm, mixed media on paper. [SOLD]

So here I am, emerging from the chrysalis. The new work I’m creating weaves together many different ideas and subjects. I’ve been thinking a lot about migration and our relationships with places, and with other people. I’ve been incorporating imagery from old family photos and history, public archives, and my everyday life.

Hold Me

Hold Me, 15.5x15cm, mixed media on paper. [SOLD]

My oil paints are still on the shelf, as mixed-media supplies have taken over all of my working surfaces: inks, watercolors, gesso, acrylics, pencils, pastels, conte, charcoal, and a bunch of other things. I do love my art supplies.

newart - 2

Untitled (Italian woman at Ellis Island). [SOLD]

Expressive inky layers

inkdrawings - 1

I’m still here, working through the exercises in my expressive drawing course. Overall I’m still really enjoying it. The exercises are confirming my love for working in mixed media on paper, so much so that it might be another month or two before I go back to oil painting.

These first two images are experiments in creating narrative scenes. Using imagery from a variety of photographs, sketches, and previous exercises, I combined unrelated pictorial elements to make these scenes. I started with no particular themes or ideas, but as the images came together I found myself spontaneously thinking up narratives to go with them. I really liked this, and would like to incorporate it into future work. How delightful is the idea of a piece that inspires stories to be written in the viewer’s mind? Sounds like something to strive for in my art.

inkdrawings - 3

Below are six partial faces. I am so bad at knowing when to stop, and it’s twice as hard when the goal is to create an image that is incomplete. There’s something I like about each one of them, but they could all probably use another pass. Perhaps I’ll come back to them later.

inkdrawings - 2

All of these pieces are primarily ink and ink wash.