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It’s up!

We put up my show this morning. It was crazy seeing all my paintings somewhere besides in a pile in the corner of my bedroom. I’m very excited and nervous for the opening tomorrow. Wish me luck…

New subject

I’m still working on a few portraits, but I decided it was high time to start on a new body of work, as well. So I’ve started on a series of cityscape paintings. The first ones were inspired by the canals of Milan’s Navigli neighborhood. Here’s one of the works in progress. I will be […]

I want an art allowance!

Small Collectors – wealthy kids buy fancy art

Photo Friday: Unfinished

Unfortunately I have way too many ‘unfinished’ ones lying around.


I have taken much too long of a hiatus from my painting. I have four canvases in progress, all of which were started months ago. This one, Tomoko, which I was most afraid of ruining, is finally coming along. I basically destroyed the face and started it again, but without changing the layout. I am […]

Work in Progress: Tomoko

I often reach a point in a painting where I really love something about it, even though I don’t love it as a whole and I know it’s not finished. I get kind of panicky at this point, because I’m afraid that if I work on the painting too much more, I’ll ruin whatever it […]

The Apple Escapes

30 x 30 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2007. SOLD My dad asked if this was based on an actual escape attempt that occurred in my kitchen. Answer: nope, this scene is totally staged. Sorry to disappoint. I am donating this painting to the silent auction that will be held as part of the Hands On […]

Apples and their reflections

Apples and their reflections

30 x 45 cm, oil on canvas, 1992. In high school I took two years of AP Art. One year my theme was portraits, and the other year it was fruit. I can’t remember exactly why I chose fruit. Probably as much for its ease as anything. You don’t need much space to set up […]


40 x 50 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2006-2007. I’m not sure this one is finished (which is how I feel about most of my paintings when I post them here). I do at least need a break from it – I’ve stared at it too much. I’m looking forward to starting something new. Perhaps this […]

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