Apples and their reflections

Apples and their reflections
30 x 45 cm, oil on canvas, 1992.

In high school I took two years of AP Art. One year my theme was portraits, and the other year it was fruit. I can’t remember exactly why I chose fruit. Probably as much for its ease as anything. You don’t need much space to set up a still life. Fruit offers an array of colors, textures, and shapes for the artist to play with. And except for the inevitable decomposition that occurs if you drag out the work too long, fruit proves to be a rather static and obedient subject matter.

This particular painting is the only piece of my early work that I have here in Zurich. For some reason it traveled here with me, stowed away in my portfolio case full of otherwise blank and unused art supplies. I’m not really sure why – this isn’t my best painting from that time, or even my favorite.

I have started on another portrait, but I have also been looking around for another subject matter to try out. This painting reminded me of my earlier fruit period, and once again drawn in by the ease and simplicity of this subject matter, I decided to set up a new still life. I’ll let you know if it proves fruitful.

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