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Too Old

I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with myself when we decided to move to Munich. I had a hunch I wanted to more aggressively pursue my career as an artist, and so I investigated going back to art school as an option. I found the website of the Akademie der bildenden K√ľnste […]


The single most exciting thing about our new apartment is that it contains a room which I get to use as my studio. A whole room just for my art! I’ve never had that before. It’s thrilling. I love this room. It is big and bright and has a big window with a lovely view. […]

Getting back into things

I spent the last month and a half of 2007 traveling without a single art supply; so far 2008 has mostly been occupied with settling in in our new apartment in our new city (Munich). One of the most exciting things about this new apartment is that I have a studio in it. I’m still […]

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