Getting back into things

I spent the last month and a half of 2007 traveling without a single art supply; so far 2008 has mostly been occupied with settling in in our new apartment in our new city (Munich). One of the most exciting things about this new apartment is that I have a studio in it. I’m still figuring out how I want everything arranged (and what additional furniture I’d like for the room), but I have managed to get the easel set up and have started a new painting. I’m very excited to get back into the rhythm of painting daily. I also plan to start updating this blog more regularly.

I have a few commissions that I need to get to work on. I also need to find a good local source of art supplies. I went to check out a couple shops in my new neighborhood, but their offerings are limited. So much to do…

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4 Responses to “Getting back into things”

  1. andrea says:

    good luck in your new city. I lived in Munich for a year and miss it like crazy. I’m sure you’ll love the place.

  2. Jul says:

    Thanks, Andrea. I’m loving it here so far, too.

  3. Noe says:

    Hello JUL,

    I am a Chinano artist all the way down here in Southern California…in San Diego. I have been serching for interesting artists blogs and I have found your works very exciting and inspiring. Good luck with your art in Munich and I hope to see your updates as you have a new fan.


  4. Jul says:

    Hi Noe! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words.

    I am looking forward to continuing to report on the progress of my art career in Munich. :)

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