Yet another reason to love winter

When it’s 0 degrees out, it’s perfectly acceptable for me to throw my long winter coat over my studio clothes and go shopping. Never mind that those studio clothes are really paint-stained sweats with holes in them. A nice long coat makes it all ok. Yay winter!

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2 Responses to “Yet another reason to love winter”

  1. Dear JUL,

    Yes! I have a sweat pant…black with red stipes. Covered with acrylic paint, and Gouache flat…I am enjoying the rain here in Southern California.

    I wish I could see what the winter looks like up there in that beautiful place know only to me as a mystery…(Europe).

    I have 18 works in progress right now…(solid)…others too shy to admit. Happy winter! Noe

  2. Jul says:

    Normally European winters are splendid, especially near the Alps. But this week something has gone terribly wrong – today was over 70 degrees! Everyone but me seemed to be loving it. :)

    Congrats on having so many works in progress. I’m really happy with the ideas that my ‘2 canvases per week’ rule is producing so far. Only one more week!

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