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AEDM day 30: more progress on Tuscany

Here we are, the last day of AEDM. I’ll write some more thoughts about this month tomorrow, but wow has it been a fabulous experience. Many, many thanks to Leah for organizing and inspiring us all. Today I made a little more progress on the Tuscany painting I started earlier this month. I made the […]

AEDM day 29: collage

I like the idea of collage, but I’m not very good (or experienced) at it. Anyway, in the spirit of trying new things for AEDM, I ripped apart a few magazines today and played around with it. At first I was looking for ‘images that appealed to me’ in the magazines, per instructions for a […]

AEDM day 28: cold nights in the city

Yesterday evening’s ‘Experimental Acrylic Techniques’ class was productive, if not quite in the intended way. The experimental material presented to us was white acrylic glaze, which we were to drizzle onto our paintings through a hole poked in the bottom of a plastic cup dangling from a string. The concept made me think of rain, […]

AEDM day 27: strange

Today just feels strange. The Christmas markets opened all over the city today, and the mood is festive and fun. At the other end of the spectrum, good friends of mine remain holed up in their hotel room in Mumbai, waiting for the terrorist attacks to be over. Oh, and it’s Thanksgiving. I’ll be celebrating […]

AEDM day 26: in Tuscany

It feels somehow decadent, to work on a new painting when I have so many others in progress that need finishing up. But I’m enjoying myself. This is the beginning of a Tuscan scene that I’ve wanted to paint for a while now. I think there will end up being a whole series of them.

AEDM day 25: more Volksbad

A million thanks for all of the thoughtful, helpful input I received on yesterday’s post. Your ideas have really helped invigorate me as I think about what to do next with those two paintings. Today I did a little more work on this little painting, including inserting the tree. I like the way it’s coming […]

AEDM day 24: stuck

I have been working on these two paintings on and off for the past couple weeks. With both of them I’ve reached the point where I don’t know what to do next. I know they both probably need some big changes before they are done, but I just am not seeing what those changes are […]

AEDM day 23: homage to my houseguest

As of today we have a very handsome visitor in our apartment. He’s so adorable I can’t stop staring at him. He was kind enough to pose for me as I completed today’s AEDM creation, which doesn’t begin to encompass his charm. Today was a very good art day. In addition to a couple cat […]

AEDM day 22: Eyeflowers

Our party yesterday evening went very well. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and it was a very fun crowd. It made me happy to realize how many wonderful people we have gotten to know in less than a year of living here. I received many complements on my paintings, which are hanging all over the […]

AEDM day 21: Volksbad in progress

I had to get today’s painting in early. Tonight I’m having a party, and the studio has to be cleaned this afternoon! I was hoping to have a few more paintings finished before today, but it is what it is. The building in the painting is the Volksbad, the local indoor swimming pool in my […]

AEDM day 20: Tuscan rooftops

Tonight I had my second painting class (Experimental Acrylic Painting Techniques), and the theme was Corrugated Cardboard. The texture of the cardboard immediately brings to mind rooftops in Italy for me, so I looked back through my photos to find some inspiration to bring with me to class. I used a couple different sizes of […]

AEDM day 19: blah

It had to happen sooner or later this month… I had a very blah art day today. I worked on two of my Munich paintings, and both of them look worse now than when I started the day. I didn’t feel like sharing them here today, so I figured I should do something else. Borrowing […]

AEDM day 18: more Munich

I think this first one is done. But maybe not. I’m going to put it aside for a couple days before I decide for sure. My palette was needing a cleaning, so I used up the remaining paint on it to start another painting – yep, another Munich scene. I’m hoping to have enough of […]

AEDM day 17: the view out my window

I started this little painting months ago and then forgot about it. Today I picked it back up and decided to start playing with it again. Working on it reminds me how much I like the view from my studio window, and how lucky I am to have such a wonderful studio to paint in.

AEDM day 16: painting along

Nothing too exciting to share today – just more slow progress on my Munich paintings. Halfway through Art Every Day Month, and I am wondering if I should keep this up for next month, too. It has been great to have an ‘excuse’ to work on my art projects each and every day, or to […]

AEDM day 15: progress

I continue to put in a little time on my two new Munich paintings daily. I want to have them finished in a few days. I also have a couple other paintings in progress which would be nice to finish next week. The excitement around here today is that we are finally hanging some of […]

AEDM day 14: painting with sand

So last night I went to my first experimental acrylic painting class. The teacher came in and announced today’s material would be sand. Then she had us each introduce ourselves and tell her what our expectations were for the class. Half the students admitted to never having used acrylics before. Then the teacher showed us […]

AEDM day 13: more Munich scenes

Back in the swing of things today. I applied some modeling paste to my two in-progress paintings to give them some texture. I also started playing around with the next image I want to turn into a painting: the view out a window on the second floor of the HofbrÀuhaus.And I still have three hours […]

AEDM day 12: more painting

Made a little progress on the two paintings I started yesterday. Had a good, creative morning and then lost steam. Must be the crappy weather.

AEDM day 11: Two new paintings

A while ago I bought a group of four 45x45cm canvases, intending to make them into a series of Munich scenes. The first two are almost done (here’s the first one and the second one); today I started on the last two canvases by sketching out the basics of the scenes: I had originally picked […]

Munich scene #2

Another Munich painting I’ve been working on, not sure what to do with next. 45 x 45 cm.

AEDM day 10: Theatinerkirche

I’ve been working on this painting of the Theatinerkirche in Munich for a couple weeks now. I can’t decide if it’s done, or if I want to completely re-do the sky and a couple other parts. I guess I’ll wait for a couple days and see what I think then.

A self portrait in stuff

This post over on Red Otter inspired me to play along with a self-portrait concept: “If you were to pull together five to ten of your favorite items in your home, what would be included, which items would you choose? What is indicative of you? What have you carried with you everywhere you’ve traveled or […]

AEDM day 9: chugging along

I’m proud of myself today. Not that I am particularly impressed with the art I produced (several quick sketches with oil pastels), but that’s OK. The exciting part is that I managed to keep up with AEDM even while traveling for 5 days! OK, that may not sound very exciting to you, but to me […]

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