AEDM day 18: more Munich

I think this first one is done. But maybe not. I’m going to put it aside for a couple days before I decide for sure.

My palette was needing a cleaning, so I used up the remaining paint on it to start another painting – yep, another Munich scene. I’m hoping to have enough of them by the end of the year to start looking for an exhibition space. How many should that be? Some of them (such as these two) are quite small. My last show had 22 paintings in it, about half portraits and half cityscapes.

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9 Responses to “AEDM day 18: more Munich”

  1. Jul- have posted some links to show listings on the muse in kansas site so i dont keep cluttering up your comment space! keep going girl! you’re doing wonderfully well!

  2. tammy vitale says:

    love your color schemes – the blues and violets and purples have to be my favorite combination and then the buildings…very magical.

  3. Jul says:

    Deborah – thanks for those links! Great stuff.

    Tammy – thanks. The architecture in Munich is quite magical and fairytale-esque. Great inspiration. :)

  4. Carol Cooper says:

    Since I probably won’t get a chance to visit Europe again, seeing Munich through your eyes Jul is such a wonderful treat! I like the way they park their cars! Great paintings! :o)

  5. Linda says:

    these are very magical paintings, like in a fairy tale where they princess might live in a castle nearby…very moody, I love that.

    keep up the wonderful work, if it is what you want!

  6. Leah says:

    i’m loving the colors in this one! the roofs against the sky are lovely.

  7. Autumn Rose says:

    These are very Degas-ish! Great work, I am always impressed with scenic paintings!

  8. Dia says:

    Oh, Jul!
    Again so rich & luscious! This is a nice direction.

  9. carin.c says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying all of your Munich scenes. Wonderful cityscapes! I also love the story about your sand art class. I’m sure your work will be just as impressive next class.

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