AEDM day 20: Tuscan rooftops

Tonight I had my second painting class (Experimental Acrylic Painting Techniques), and the theme was Corrugated Cardboard. The texture of the cardboard immediately brings to mind rooftops in Italy for me, so I looked back through my photos to find some inspiration to bring with me to class. I used a couple different sizes of corrugated cardboard, and spent so long cutting the pieces that I didn’t have enough time to paint. Still, I’m pretty happy with the result. Maybe I’ll work on it more later.

One strange thing from class tonight. I brought along an xacto knife to use to cut the cardboard. The teacher was fascinated, having never seen one before. And here I was thinking that xacto knives were pretty universal artists’ tools. Guess not. I should have asked her what she would use to cut mat board and stuff like that.

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3 Responses to “AEDM day 20: Tuscan rooftops”

  1. tammy vitale says:

    I love the way this forms into an abstract painting as well as a referential one. The colors are great!

  2. Emma says:

    Love the use of the cardboard.

  3. carin.c says:

    What perfect subject matter for the cardboard! Love the composition. And you are so right in thinking it was odd your instructor never saw an exacto knife!

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