AEDM day 24: stuck

I have been working on these two paintings on and off for the past couple weeks. With both of them I’ve reached the point where I don’t know what to do next. I know they both probably need some big changes before they are done, but I just am not seeing what those changes are right now. So I’d like to ask you for some input. Any suggestions for how to proceed with either painting? Any parts you feel are particularly unresolved or that you particularly like? I’d really appreciate any feedback you’d like to offer. Think of it as a virtual critique. :)

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11 Responses to “AEDM day 24: stuck”

  1. papercord says:

    I like them both! In the upper painting I like the foreground and the middle section best. Though the church towers in the background are well painted you might take them back a little bit in paler colours. That is the only suggestion I can come up with.
    If I am unsure with work I’ve done I sometimes put it away for days or weeks and then with a more distant perspective decide if the work is finished or not.

  2. Jul says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Papercord. It’s a good one! I’ve been torn about the background – it is my favorite part of the scene (since it is uniquely Munich), so I’m tempted to make it bold and colorful, but you’re right about paler colors in the back perhaps pulling the scene together better.

    I also often put paintings aside when I’m unsure what to do next. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it means the works never get finished! I was hoping to have these two done by the end of AEDM, but if they don’t want to be done yet, then I suppose I need to accept that…

  3. tammy vitale says:

    Oh I think #2 is done! i LOVE it! I like the light source in #1 and think the towers reflect that as well as the front building. Play with the light a bit more (alas, that’s all I can say, no specifics) because I think it’s the light that makes this painting.

  4. Jul says:

    Tammy – thanks for your input. You are right, the light source could be more consistent in the first one. And thanks so much for your kind words about #2. :)

  5. both tammy and papercord have GREAT suggestions and compliments….
    uncompleted projects are great to have around – those that just need some “tweaking” as when you dont have too much time but NEED to work in the studio – there they are, waiting patiently….
    “things” in the distance are hazier – maybe adjust that big red roof in the first painting. i love the pink towers w/the green roofs to the left. it really is about done…
    the second painting is either 100% done or 98% done – the only thing i can think of is toning down the yellow shutters in the foreground. they are just a little distracting from the onion dome. REALLY love the mauve building.
    but definitely put these aside if you are unsure of your next step.
    i am EXHAUSTED by your efforts! are you enjoying this challenge?

  6. Carol Cooper says:

    Hi Jul, You have been painting up a storm during AEDM . . WAY TO GO!! and I am enjoying viewing each and every one of your amazing works!!You have a very special way of capturing & painting the ambience, the aura of the scene!! As you know I am not a painter Jul, so I am not qualified to make suggestions. All I can mention is that my eyes gravitated to the blue bottom building in your first painting, and to the orangy copper rooftop in your second painting. I am sure you will add your magic touch to make them just the way YOU want them to be :o)

  7. colombianart says:

    Hi Jul:
    I think they are both great . . as previously commented, they show the best of Munich. I hope to get back there some day – to visit a friend and maybe get exhibit some colombian art . . . one day :-)

  8. Leah says:

    hi jul! great work as always!

    since you asked for suggestions, here’s what i noticed in the paintings. take it if it’s helpful and toss if not! :-)

    in the top one, when i squint at it, it seems like the foreground and background buildings are well defined and then the middle gets a little lost. i especially like the buildings in front.

    i’m loving the second one. the only thing i noticed was that the big cloud in the background seems like it’s holding up the tower. maybe it’s coming forward a bit too much for my eyes. i’m not sure. but that’s not such a big thing.

    love your work!

  9. Dia says:

    love them! . . . I could see a bit more detail on the shutters on the bottom one (love the dome, & I like the bright backgrounds!) & perhaps a softening of the white building in front on the top??
    Know you'll be led in the right direction by your inner artist! Hugs

  10. Jul says:

    Thanks for all the great input! I am so excited to incorporate your ideas. I really appreciate this.

    One problem I was worried about – in the second painting, there aren’t any shutters. The orange panels are supposed to be part of the building’s surface, which is painted in a geometric pattern. I’ll think about how to make that more obvious. I’m tempted to use sand to create a uniform building surface, but that might just get me into more trouble…

  11. Jul says:

    Deborah – to answer your question, yes, I am loving this challenge! I never want it to end. :)

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