AEDM day 29: collage

I like the idea of collage, but I’m not very good (or experienced) at it. Anyway, in the spirit of trying new things for AEDM, I ripped apart a few magazines today and played around with it. At first I was looking for ‘images that appealed to me’ in the magazines, per instructions for a collage project I was following, but that didn’t inspire me much. I found myself more drawn to pieces of images or colors, so I went for those instead. And then I just started gluing. I didn’t produce anything particularly interesting, but I do feel like I learned from the process. I think I could do better next time.

If I were to name this one, I’d call it Purple Mountain Majesty.

I can’t believe Art Every Day Month is almost over!

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4 Responses to “AEDM day 29: collage”

  1. Dia says:

    Hi, Jul
    I can't believe it's almost over, either!! I didn't keep up as much as I intended – got sidetracked into Soul Coaching – which was also great!! & paved the way for more creativity, lol :) I do love your work, & hope we keep in touch!


  2. Jul says:

    Soul coaching sounds like an interesting experience – I enjoyed reading about the exercises those of you taking part were doing.

  3. tammy vitale says:

    wow – if collage is something you don’t regularly do, maybe you should. This is wonderful! collage is something I aspire to. I play with. I hope for.

  4. hey jul – i wrote out some “stuff” on collage and transfers on the “muse” site. had been thinking about doing so for awhile – maybe it will be useful for some folk…

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