AEDM day 4: distracted doodling

I can’t seem to tear myself away from election coverage today. A few doodles was all I could manage.

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2 Responses to “AEDM day 4: distracted doodling”

  1. Carol Cooper says:

    Popping in to say “HI” and admire your cool doodles! Doodling frees up the mind! First one reminds me of a colourful avocado, second one is just FUN, little worms maybe or ghosts? I am not an American but I’m going to go switch on the TV now to see how the elections are going. :o)

  2. Jul says:

    Hi Carol! I’m not sure what those creatures are – not quite worms and not quite ghosts… maybe I need to play with them some more. I definitely need to doodle more often. :)

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