AEDM day 8: more figures

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5 Responses to “AEDM day 8: more figures”

  1. Carol Cooper says:

    Hi Jul, just popping in to say hello and see how you’re doing! I broke out in a big smile this afternoon when I saw your series of “hug” sketches. There is just something about each and every one that is so “touching”, in each one you convey a different mood, expression. They are truly very special!! Keep having fun! :o)

  2. Jul says:

    Hi Carol! Thanks so much for your comment. I am really having fun with these figures.

    I am loving AEDM. I can’t wait to get home on Monday and have enough internet time to catch up with all my co-participants!

  3. Autumn Rose says:

    These are really cool, they’re very John Lennon-y!

  4. Leah says:

    these are so great, jul! i’m so glad you’re exploring them even more!

  5. Jul says:

    I never thought of them as John Lennon-y… fun!

    I think they are going to have to lead to a series of paintings, or at least a new letterhead for my art studio. They’re too fun to abandon now. ;)

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