Paris with the new camera

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love traveling any more than I already did, but this new camera is making it even more fun. I just got home from a weekend in Paris, and I had a blast taking pictures there and getting creative with the camera. I got plenty of shots very, very wrong, but every once in a while one would come out amazingly right. Slowly but surely I’m learning my way around the settings, but clearly I still have a very long way to go.

More Paris photos on my Flickr.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures, even when I just had a point-and-shoot, but now with my DSLR I’m finally starting to see photography as a true creative outlet for myself.

Sorry for the long silence here since my last post… my computer died and is still undergoing the recovery process, making blogging (and visiting other blogs) more difficult than it should be. I’m still being creative, though. Thanks to those of you who are still around to read. :)

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11 Responses to “Paris with the new camera”

  1. what a great stroll through paris via flickr. good night shots.

  2. Jul says:

    Thanks! The new camera’s ability to take decent night photos is one of my favorite things about it. :)

  3. Genie Sea says:

    You had me at Paris. You enslaved me with the pictures. :)

  4. I LOVE THEM!!!! The shot of the tower is awesome and the stacked chairs create such a strong mood… like you don’t want the evening to end.

  5. Emma says:

    HI Jul
    Thanks for the birthday wishes – I had a great day doing nothing :-)

    Love the photos – I am so visiting PAris when I come over there. ONly 22 weeks to go :-D :-D I am so excitied. Am slowly learning German. You might be able to help me – what is the difference between formal and informal? Some of the words I am learning say they are formal and then they are informal?? I am a little confused.
    Am looking forward to seeing your paintings using the gouche.

  6. Jul says:

    Genie Sea & Originalbliss – thank you so much. :) :) :)

    Emma – I messed up my big gouache picture, so it might be a while. But hopefully I'll post a couple postcard-sized paintings soon.

    Informal (Du) and formal (Sie) are basically two different versions of "you". You use the Sie form with people you meet in business situations (waiters, hotel clerks, etc.), and you use the Du form with friends and relatives, although these days it is becoming more common for younger Germans to use Du even with strangers. Don't worry about it too much – Germans are pretty forgiving of foreigners who mess the forms up!

  7. Leah says:

    gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!!

  8. Steve Emery says:

    Wow – the camera (and YOU) do a great job capturing the effect of light. I particularly liked the odd shot of the overhead structure with the buildings on both sides. Interesting, different perspective. And the blue gate at the end – irresistible. Your Eiffel Tower shot is creative, too – not the typical shot. And I like the light behind the bottles very much, as well.

    So do you see any of these becoming paintings?

  9. Kim says:

    I wanna go back!…with your camera this time;) Hope you’re having fun in Dublin!

  10. Jul says:

    Leah – thanks. :)

    Steve – good question. I’ve been focused on trying to complete a couple series of paintings (one of Munich scenes and one of Tuscany scenes), so that I have a couple shows’ worth of paintings ready to go. But I have noticed myself dragging my feet a bit, resistant to this self-imposed constraint of subject matter. Perhaps I should reconsider…

    Kim – yes, having a blast. :)

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