Little face paintings

I’m back at home in my studio for a few days between trips to Ireland*. I’m trying to make the most of this studio time, but I haven’t decided on my next big project yet. I’ve lost steam on the two paintings series (Munich and Tuscany) I’ve been working on. Perhaps I just need a break, or perhaps I’m just not meant to paint in series. Or maybe I’ve just chosen the wrong subject matters. Whatever it is, I’m trying not to let it get in the way of my creative output, so I’ve shifted gears to a completely different subject: faces.

I bought ten little (15 cm square) canvases on my last trip to the art store, and I’ve decided to use them to play around with imaginary faces. While I’ve painted many portraits over the years, I rarely work without a model or photograph. With this new project I’m trying to challenge myself to create faces from only my imagination. It’s freeing to not have to worry about whether the painting resembles the subject, since there is no subject. It’s also fun to play around with more abstract facial features than I’m used to depicting.

* You can read about my adventures in Ireland on my other blog.

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6 Responses to “Little face paintings”

  1. tammy vitale says:

    I love artists who do series of things – especially small things. I keep threatening to try that myself but really never have. I must focus and try because the outcomes are always so wonderful. These close up faces are mysterious and tell stories – I love masks, they remind me of masks. Happy to find you at Leah’s – makes it so easy to click over and see what you’re doing!

  2. Odd Chick says:

    I love these partly because I’ve been trying my hand at some imaginative portraits and more abstract portraits. These are bold and speak volumes even though they are small pieces.

  3. Steve Emery says:

    I love these – especially the more abstract red one. I think the blue one is particularly well painted, but the red one looks like you had a better time – loosened up more.

  4. Leah says:

    Oh, these are so great, Jul!! Love them!

  5. Jul says:

    Thanks so much, all of you! Your encouraging comments mean so much to me.

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