more little face paintings

I’m not sure all of them are done, but if I waited until I was 100% satisfied with things before posting them here, I’d never make any posts at all. These are all 15 x 15 cm canvases, acrylic paint.
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7 Responses to “more little face paintings”

  1. gianlucio says:

    Hello, in Italy today is the feast of the woman, GREETINGS!

  2. i see there is a gerhard richter show at the haus det kunst – have you gone or plan to?

  3. Jul says:

    Gianlucio – Grazie! :)

    Deborah – I’m not usually so into abstract art, but that does look like it could be interesting. Maybe I’ll try to swing by one evening when they have the free guided tours.

  4. Steve Emery says:

    Number one has an unusually realistic looking nose – beautiful in it’s difference from all the others. I also like number seven, with that one weird eye! Like the button eyes in “Coraline.”

  5. Jul says:

    Thanks, Steve. I was trying to push myself to get away from realistic features and try new things, but I let that nose slide. :)

  6. Emma says:

    Hi Juls
    Love the faces. Just wondering are you going to hang them as a block or are you going to hang them separetly?
    How did the other painting go? Is it still in the collage pile or have you worked on it some more?

  7. Jul says:

    Hi Emma – Right now they are all in a row, leaning against the wall sitting on a counter-top. If I hang them I think it will be in a vertical column. I’m hoping to sell them individually, and a column is flexible – it won’t really matter how many I have at any given time.

    The other painting is still in the collage pile. Still can’t decide what to make of it!

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