A Slovenian mess

I love the beginning stages of a collage, when everything is so chaotic, various materials slapped together in disharmony. At least that’s how mine usually start out.

This collage-in-progress is inspired by my recent trip to Slovenia. The background consists of pages from an old Slovenian book my friend and I bought for a euro (it’s about flowers). The foreground is layers of charcoal, conte crayon, and gouache. The imagery is inspired by various photos from the trip, mainly those taken on the coast.

Like I said, I love beginning a collage. The process is infinitely enjoyable. It’s making it into a finished work that I’ve yet to master.

I’ll let you know if anything comes of this one.

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4 Responses to “A Slovenian mess”

  1. Dia says:

    What fun – I love the beginnings as well – this shows promise!
    I’m sorry I haven’t visited in awhile – always enjoy seeing what you’re up to!!

    I’ve ‘tagged’ you – post is on Vestella’s Vale :) be well!

  2. pollicino says:

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  3. Steve Emery says:

    I like the freedom in this image, and the “chaos” as you put it. I’ll be curious how you preserve (or not) the flower images from the background pages.

    In some ways the overlain drawings I do to start my paintings, and then layers of paint, etc., is like the start of your collage. There isn’t anything permanent, so your free to play, to toss things around.

    And I think you’re not the only one who has a hard time figuring out how to finish up. It’s easy to over work them, or never to get them together enough, on the other hand.

    But it’s all fun. And it’s a great way to relive or experience the trip or the scenes.

  4. Jul says:

    Dia – Thanks for coming by! I don't post very often, so I can't expect people to read very often, either. :)

    Pollicino – Grazie per il commento.

    Steve – as always, thanks for your thoughtful comment. In the final version the flowers are still poking through in the sky a little bit. It still looks messy, but in a more coherent way. :)

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