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Catching up on the 100 in 100

I signed up for Warrior Girl’s 100 in 100 challenge a few days late, so I’ve been behind from the start (which was supposedly June 1st). No problem, since I don’t mind doing more than one drawing/painting/collage per day to catch up. Most of my 100 things will be small sketchbook pages, but I’m also […]

To join or not to join

Since visiting Munich’s new Brandhorst Museum this weekend, I’ve been trying to justify buying myself a membership to the Munich art museums. For €90 you get a year pass to several of Munich’s best art museums (plus a couple in surrounding towns, as well). Without the pass, I am unlikely to spend €90 on admission […]

New series: city collages

Dublin, Ireland, 24 x 18 cm, found paper and acrylic on panel. Tampere, Finland, 24 x 18 cm, found paper and acrylic on panel. I really enjoyed making these, and I’m pleased with the initial results (I’ll do a little more work on the Tampere one, at least). The collage elements consist of paper (maps, […]

Would you let Google use your art for free?

My husband brought this article to my attention today, about how Google has been asking artists to create skins for them for free. The reward to the artist, naturally, is “exposure”, that insipid internet currency. I am familiar with this sort of scenario, not with my art work, but rather with travel writing. Ever since […]

Inspired by Kandinsky

Played around with gouache today.

Back from a travel break

My in-progress Slovenian collage, last seen here. I’ve been on the road for most of the past month and a half, which is why this blog has become neglected once again. I’ve missed having time in my studio, but at least I have been staying creative. Every day while traveling I write and take copious […]

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