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AEDM 2009 day 30: it’s over already?

Once again the last day of Art Every Day Month snuck up on me. I’m not ready for it to end! I especially like how AEDM has helped me make so much progress on my Sketchbook Project monsters sketchbook. Pretty much every page has something on it, and after a little more work on the […]

AEDM 2009 day 29: the Procrastinator

OK, so art it isn’t, but I wanted to show you my little chicken in a basket drawing anyway. This is a page from a notebook I have called the Procrastinator. Each page has spaces for little drawings and other quick, time-wasting activities. Something about the sense of humor of the authors really tickles me.

AEDM 2009 day 28: hand monster

One of my goals for the coming week is to finish the monster notebook, document it, and send it off. For missing two days of AEDM, I think I’ll do two more weeks of it (including blog posts) in December. Maybe I can convince my friend Kim to do it with me.


OK, so I’ve totally missed the last two days of Art Every Day Month. But I have a boatload of excuses: We had friends visiting from London. I hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people. The Christmas markets opened yesterday. Someone who looks a lot like me was busy taking part in an illegal flash […]

AEDM 2009 day 25: even more monsters

Another one those pages that doesn’t seem quite done, but on the other hand, it’s just a sketchbook. Who says each page has to be done?

AEDM 2009 day 24: seaweed monster

I thought this one looked like a blob of seaweed. Or maybe coral. Is it Sesame Street’s fault that all my monsters have googly eyes?

AEDM 2009 day 23: last pages!

See this? It’s the last blank 2-page spread in my whole monster notebook. I’m almost done! There are many pages that are only kind of half-done, but still it will be a relief to have at least something on each and every page. Keeping in mind that this is only a sketchbook, not every page […]

AEDM 2009 day 22: that other project

This is what I was making the other day when I couldn’t tell you what I was making: a life-sized man drawing for a bachelorette party game. Kind of a variation of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.

AEDM 2009 day 21: sparkly plant monster

If you can’t use magic markers and glitter in a monster sketchbook, when can you use them? I’m so happy there are only a couple blank pages left, plus the cover. Can’t wait to finish with the monsters!

AEDM 2009 day 20: starry-eyed monster

In the background there’s sort of a monster hiding in a sock drawer for Leah. I spent most of today working on a bigger project, but I can’t show it to you (yet). It’s a surprise.

AEDM 2009 day 19: pencil monsters

I had so little time for art today. For these pages I just grabbed a pencil and doodled in my monster sketchbook. The pencil itself was kind of interesting: a standard American number-2 dark blue pencil with “1990 FBLA DISTRICT II SKILLS’ CONFERENCE” stamped in gold on it. I wondered where it came from, and […]

AEDM 2009 day 18: London goauche

Last seen here, this little postcard-sized goauche painting of London is done. I am still getting the hang of gouache. My tendency is to use it very watered down so that it behaves almost like watercolor, but that seems silly given that I’m not particularly good with watercolors. I want to keep playing to see […]

AEDM 2009 day 17: there is a monster lurking in the darkness

Luckily I have some good suggestions for future monsters from the comments of yesterday’s post. And then there was my trainer at bootcamp today… Hopefully I’ll be done with this notebook by the end of the month.

AEDM 2009 day 16: monsters dressed up like ghosts

Eh, you try filling a whole sketchbook with monsters. Not easy.

The view from my studio window

Yesterday’s monster was inspired by the Art House Coop’s Weekly Project. This week the project was to take a photo out your favorite window. This is mine; you can see the other submissions (and sign up to participate in future Weekly Projects yourself) here.

AEDM 2009 day 15: the monster across the street

I love the view out my studio window in Munich. The building right across the street has the best embellishments on top: pointy turrets, triangular bits of fa├žade, clay roof tiles, dormers with arched windows. And then there’s the monster who lives there. I started this page of my monster sketchbook earlier today, then sat […]

AEDM 2009 day 14: Bavarian monsters

It had to be done. Do you like the hint of monster cleavage?

AEDM 2009 day 13: Bavarian wedding

I’m designing some wedding announcement for a friend. They wanted a Bavarian theme that featured a pretzel, and these are the rough-draft sketches I put together. The style is more cartoony than my usual work, but I think my monsters (also cartoony) were good preparation for this project.

AEDM 2009 day 12: getting stuff done

What a wonderfully productive day in the studio. I finished a couple small paintings (such as the one depicted, last seen here), did some sketches for a new project, and drew in my monsters sketchbook. Looking forward to tomorrow.

AEDM 2009 day 11: more monsters

My monsters were feeling uninspired today. Not every monster can be a masterpiece. Perhaps I’ll paint over them later, depending on how soon I manage to fill in all the pages of my sketchbook the first time. This second one is based on some cute monster fence posts we saw in London. I’ll probably add […]

AEDM 2009 day 10: blue monster and flash mobs

I worked on a bunch of art projects today, but most of them are not yet blog-worthy. So here’s another page from my monster sketchbook. The other art of the day was of the performance variety, kind of. I participated in a flash mob in Munich. (If you don’t know what a flash mob is, […]

AEDM 2009 day 9: scary

Another page in my ahhh monster sketchbook. I printed out a photograph from my trip to London in black and white and pasted it in the sketchbook. Then I colored in parts of it using gouache and magic markers. PS – If you want to read more about London, I wrote up my trip on […]

AEDM 2009 day 8: London sunset

This week in London we saw a fabulous sunset. We were riding west in the front seats on the top level of one of those red double-decker buses, and the Christmas lights strung across the streets were coming on above our heads as the sun went down. I’m hoping to capture just a tiny bit […]

AEDM 2009 day 7: monster at home in his London flat

I promise I’ll start posting something besides monster sketches again soon. Maybe even tomorrow.

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