AEDM 2009 day 22: that other project

This is what I was making the other day when I couldn’t tell you what I was making: a life-sized man drawing for a bachelorette party game. Kind of a variation of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.

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4 Responses to “AEDM 2009 day 22: that other project”

  1. Very clever… I bet everyone had fun playing this game… lots of laughter.

  2. tazzmeyer says:

    Hysterical!!!!!!! What fun! Oh I can't wait to see more! ;-)

  3. Jen* says:

    Hilarious! This is a great personal touch to a fun celebration!

    Ps. I use Sharpie pens and lately simply crayola markers for my drawings…usually I look for the finest possible so the lines don't get blurry but I have been amazed at the crayolas flexibility for AEDM

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