AEDM 2009 day 8: London sunset

This week in London we saw a fabulous sunset. We were riding west in the front seats on the top level of one of those red double-decker buses, and the Christmas lights strung across the streets were coming on above our heads as the sun went down.

I’m hoping to capture just a tiny bit of that gorgeous moment in this little painting. This is it after the first layer of gouache; I’ll let it dry and then work on it some more.

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5 Responses to “AEDM 2009 day 8: London sunset”

  1. em says:

    gorgeous! but are you sure it's not missing something? is jim carrey's face not gouacheable?

  2. I like the colors and the feel of your painting.

  3. Leah says:

    ooh, this is so soft and lovely. beautiful, jul!

    i've also enjoyed your sightseeing monster!! :-)

  4. Judy Hartman says:

    The way it is now, this painting looks like a wistful memory. It is really lovely!

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