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Weekly review for 31 Jul 2010

In my studio this week: Several more little daily paintings complete. Big switch from acrylic to oil as everyday medium. So far so good. Other exciting stuff: My revamped art web site went live this week. The design is all new, but I still need to update the paintings on it. What do you think? […]


Dipping into the oils

Overall most of my painting experience is with oils, but for the past five years acrylics have been my main medium. I love both types of paint, really – the crisp vivid colors of acrylic, the smooshiness of oil – but my primary reason for choosing acrylics so often recently is due to my painting […]


Landscapes, little and imaginary

Most of my work is subjective and painted from life, but every once in a while I create images purely from my imagination, such as these two. Usually I have a hard time choosing a direction when painting without reference material. I like to push myself to try it every once in a while. Both […]

Weekly review for 23 Jul 2010

Trying something out here. Will a weekly check-in on the blog help hold me accountable? We’ll see. In my studio this week: I completed several little daily paintings. Other exciting stuff: Flogging the Muse is up and running! Yay! Now that I finally have an art blog again, I’m excited to be a more active […]

Daily Painting: Naples harbor

This isn’t one of my favorites, but it was fun to play around with a new style. It certainly doesn’t do justice to Naples.


Little daily paintings

For most of my art career, teachers and mentors have pushed me to paint larger. While I appreciate the advice in general, this month I’ve been feeling the urge to run in the opposite direction. I’ve been playing with tiny canvas sizes, anywhere from 15 x 15 cm to 30 x 30 cm, and producing […]

Well hello there

It’s bizarre to write the first post on a new blog. A blog I know no one’s reading.This won’t be the first post forever, though – eventually the content from my old art blog will be imported here. Then this will just be a strange little post in the middle. So what is there to […]

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