Girls in dirndls, and an idea is born

This week I had a thought process that led to some fun ideas for paintings. It started with this monthly painting challenge announcement on Artists Helping Artists, which got me thinking about subjects that could represent September. Here in Munich there’s a big obvious answer: Oktoberfest (which takes place the second half of September). I started combing through our photos from the past two ‘fests for visual inspiration. Crowd scenes and festival rides are not my usual subjects, and I was looking forward to playing around with some new things.

What caught my eye in so many photos was the clothing, especially the dirndls. A dirndl is a traditional Bavarian dress worn with a short, frilly white shirt and an apron. They are very popular among Oktoberfest guests, and the modern versions are infinitely colorful.

As I made some oil sketches from the photos, I knew this was a subject I wanted to pursue more. Luckily most of my friends here have dirndls of their own (as do I), so between them and the upcoming crush of Oktoberfest I’m hoping to find plenty of models for a new group of paintings.

So, who wants to come over and model for me?

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5 Responses to “Girls in dirndls, and an idea is born”

  1. Chris says:

    I love this painting. The colors, the movement, the angles; it’s all good. What an inspiration!

  2. Jul says:

    Thanks, Chris! Dirndls are turning out to make great subjects for just those reasons – they move into all sorts of great shapes.

  3. I learned something!

    Ciao for now…..what a nice write up and set of impressions.


  4. Tina says:

    Very nice, am enjoying looking at all your paintings!

  5. Jul says:

    @Kevino – Glad I could help educate. :)

    @Tina – Thanks for stopping by and browsing!