This week in muse flogging, 7 Aug 2010

In my studio this week:

Other exciting stuff:

  • I spontaneously treated myself to a year pass to Munich’s major art museums. I love the feeling that I am now obligated to go a bunch of times to get my money’s worth. Love it love it love it. Today I used it to see a retrospective of Neo Rauch.
  • One day I hitched a ride with friends to Boesner, the giant art supply store outside of Munich, and loaded up on new supplies. I love art supplies. Boesner is reachable only by car (except for a very infrequent Saturday shuttle), and since we don’t have a car, I don’t get there very often. When I do get to go, it’s a huge treat, and I spend the whole day doing a happy dance.
  • I discovered SketchCrawl (thanks to Henniemavis), a recurring group sketching day that takes place all over the world. I was thrilled to see that Munich has a group! I’m looking forward to joining them for the next one.

At first I wasn’t so sure about these weekly review posts, but I’ve started to like them. It’s fun to look back on my little triumphs of the week. But, I’m thinking “weekly review” is an awfully boring name, so I changed it.

What were your creative accomplishments for the week?

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