Palette-knife Assisi

This week I’m playing around with palette-knife painting. I just love the textures that come out of applying thick blobs of paint via palette knife. I didn’t love the way the materials worked on these first attempts – perhaps the paint wasn’t as thick as I’d like, and the board (gessoed Masonite) not quite the right texture. I’ve ordered some small canvas boards, which I think will serve me well as I continue to play around with the knife.

Do you ever paint with a palette knife?

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3 Responses to “Palette-knife Assisi”

  1. Nice hilltop hamlet! Keep it going, Jul.

    Nay, have not painted with the sort of knife you mention. And the gobs of paint sound like a wonderful piece of the process.

    I have, though, been to central Asia and seen Byelorussian tractors!

  2. linda says:

    i like it….i do have a hard time with them although i love love love it, the think paint oozing onto the canvas satisfies something in me….most of my canvases and acrylic paintings are knifes of one sort or another-or my fingers. xx
    linda recently posted..Wordless WednesdayThere is Only Nature

  3. Jul says:

    @Kevino – You have been to some interesting-sounding places, my friend. What are the tractors like?

    @Linda – Isn’t paint wonderful? I end up using my fingers a lot, too. Makes it hard to jump back and forth between the easel and the laptop, though.

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