Tomatoes and blueberries, together at last

20 x 20 cm, oil on canvas. [SOLD]

When I came back to this painting today, I expected it to need more work, but looking at it with fresh eyes I decided I liked its messiness. So I’m leaving it alone, and devouring the subjects for lunch.

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3 Responses to “Tomatoes and blueberries, together at last”

  1. Anais says:

    Hi Julie

    Thanks for your comment…just saw it the other day 3 months later…would be nice to meet another artistic mind here in Munich! I work here as a graphic designer and besides that continue my illustration work…

    all the best


  2. Henniemavis says:

    For Pete’s sake, we run in tandem, don’t we? I just did a post about tomatoes, tho I drew potatoes & garlic this week. We need our own combination painting & food show… like Bob Ross meets the Food Network? What d’ya think?
    Henniemavis recently posted..September Art- Sketch Exchange

  3. Jul says:

    @Anais – Thanks for stopping by! I agree, I don’t know nearly enough artists here.

    @Henniemavis – Great idea! Maybe we could call it Vegetable Duel. It will be a big hit.

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