Daily paintings for sale at DaWanda

I’m pleased to announce the opening of my online shop at DaWanda. You may have already noticed the test links that I’ve put up on my last couple posts; now you can easily purchase the daily paintings I post on this blog through those links.

DaWanda is a European site similar to Etsy. I haven’t started my own Etsy site yet, but from what I’ve heard DaWanda is easier to use and more friendly to international sellers. Etsy has a lot more users, so a lot more potential eyeballs for your products, but on the other hand I’ve heard Etsy users complain that it’s hard to drum up attention for their listings in such a huge sea of products. With DaWanda I’ve noticed that my newly-posted paintings stay on the first page of search results for a decent amount of time, but on the other hand page views of my listings haven’t been very high.

Given that I’m based in Europe, in the end I decided to give DaWanda a try first (but haven’t ruled out adding an Etsy store later). It also helped my decision that listings on DaWanda’s English-language site are free for now, so I really had nothing to lose. Creating my shop and adding listings was quite easy.

It remains to be seen if DaWanda is really worth their 5% commission fee in the long run. So far I’ve had a couple sales, both brought in by me. The real test will be whether any sales are eventually brought in through the DaWanda site rather than through my linked sites. I know I need to be patient and give it a little time, as online shops tend to take a while to gain attention.

Another feature I like about DaWanda is the ability to add my shop listings as a tab on my Facebook page. I’m pretty sure Etsy lets you do that, too.

I’ll post updates here once I have a little more experience on the site. If you have a DaWanda shop, let me know!

Daily Paintings by Julie Galante for sale on DaWanda

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