Stocked up

I love starting the day with a delivery of art supplies to unpack. So much artistic potential!

This time the delivery was mostly little canvases and canvas boards. I started the practice of daily painting about three months ago, and I’ve found it to be something I want to continue for a while. I enjoy pushing myself to experiment with new subjects, colors, and layouts in these small-scale works. Now I am all set for a couple more months of daily painting.

I realized I made a mistake  – I got ten 10 x 15 cm canvases instead of the 15 x 20 cm canvases I meant to order. These 10 x 15s are so tiny! Not sure what I’m going to do with them, but I’ll figure something out.

Do you enjoy shopping for art supplies? I think I like it just as much as using them.

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5 Responses to “Stocked up”

  1. Kevin says:

    Bookishness is next to godliness, and painting is quite literally, True Art.

    It is, well, ART.

  2. Kevin says:

    Good Luck with the small canvasses.

    Will they be more valuable or less?

    Diamonds are small, but very valuable.

  3. Jul says:

    Good question. Small paintings are priced higher per square centimeter than large ones, but their total price is of course much lower per painting. So far I can’t say I’ve painted any diamonds. Not yet. :)

  4. Enjoying shopping for art supplies is an understatement heh, I love it!

    Unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot of proper craftstores here and those that we do have are pretty overpriced. I used to pick up art supplies during my many visits to the States back when I traveled a lot still. Shoppign online works so so, small things aren’t too bad but the larger items just get too expensive to ship cause of added S&H. :(

    I am positive you’ll come up with something nice to do with the smaller canvasses!

  5. Jul says:

    I suppose I’m pretty lucky to have the delivery options I have. All the stores in the city are pretty expensive, but there’s one outside the city that delivers for a very low fee (even bug stuff!).

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