AEDM day 15: work in progress

Munich Wienerplatz (in progress), oil on canvas, 60 x 70 cm, ©2010 Julie Galante.

This one has been in progress for a while now. It’s a larger, more detailed version of a scene from one of my daily paintings. I haven’t quite figured out what it needs so I can call it finished. Ideas?

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8 Responses to “AEDM day 15: work in progress”

  1. nuria says:

    a frame? ;-)
    it’s a nice shot!

  2. expatsagaain says:

    There is so much life in this one! You have captured Germany.

  3. Alisaz says:

    That is beautiful, a really wonderful painting

  4. What super fantastic painting, so, so lovely!

  5. Gina Lento says:

    Nice, keep it going. I like the color temperature you used, it looks like a bright happy day.

  6. Jul says:

    Thanks, all! You’ve helped increase my confidence in this one. I hope to share the finished piece soon.

  7. Kevin Sushka says:

    Oranges and Lemons
    Say the bells of Saint Clemons!
    Peaches and pears
    say the bells of st. claire’s!

    Be Inspired, Julie.

    P Kevin S

  8. Jul says:

    Thanks for the inspirational burst of comments, Vino. As always, you brighten my day.

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