AEDM day 30: over already?

This Art Every Day Month went by way too fast. I only got to play along for about half the month, since I was traveling a bunch. I just got back from Berlin and I don’t have much to show for myself today – I have several little paintings in progress, but nothing finished. So today you get a half-done Christmas market painting. Christmas markets popped up all over Germany this past weekend, and I can’t wait to paint some more of them.

Thanks to Leah for hosting another great AEDM, and thanks to all the other participants who have stopped by over the past month. And here’s to a very creative December.

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7 Responses to “AEDM day 30: over already?”

  1. Beautiful, even if it’s only half done!

  2. EVA says:

    Wonderful! One day I’d like to go to one of those!!

  3. Leah says:

    A beautiful beginning!! So glad you joined in AEDM again this year. Your work is always a pleasure to see.

  4. Mo Davies says:

    Your painting really brought back memories of when I lived and worked in Stuttgart in 1969 (long time ago, lol) and i went to the Christkindlemarkt when it was -17C. Sheesh, that was cold but the market was wonderful, a real spirit of Christmas and sharing with friends. Thanks for reminding me of that lovely time.

  5. Hi Jul, This looks pretty festive as it is! We went to a few Christmas markets, mainly in Heidelberg. You’ve captured the delightful warm feel of the markets. I can almost smell the roasting nuts and the gluvein (don’t know if I smelled it right). Wonderful!

  6. Jul says:

    Thanks, all! Final version coming up in a few minutes!

  7. anne says:

    The month did fly by!

    Beautiful painting!

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