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Charlene demonstrates her bunny-making skills

London bunnies

During my long January away from my studio, I had a lovely opportunity to get creative in London. A friend of mine, designer Charlene Lam, has decided to welcome the Year of the Rabbit by raising a virtual army of paper-mache bunnies and setting them loose on her East London neighborhood. Who knows what kind […]

Munich Gärtner Platz - work in progress

Left behind: 3 works in progress

I am absolutely loving Scotland, even though I miss my studio.

Christmas market at the Chinese Tower

Happy creative 2011

Christmas market at the Chinese Tower, Munich | 18 x 24 cm | oil on canvas | @2010 Julie Galante. [SOLD] Happy new year! I had intended to start my new year by diligently posting my art goals for the year, but a couple crazy things came up this week and that just didn’t happen. […]

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