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Em on the tube - work in progress

Portrait in progress: Emily on the tube

Em on the tube (in progress), oil on canvas, 70 x 50 cm. For this portrait I’m working from a photo I snapped with my iphone while riding the tube in London with my friend Emily. The florescent lighting of the subway car combined with the flash from the iphone created a slightly eerie, strangely-colored […]

Small portrait - Cliff's mom

Little portraits

Almost all of the portraits I’ve painted over the years are life size or larger. I like being able to paint in details without using teeny tiny brushes (also, my hand’s not particularly steady).

my new paper cutter

Happy Valentine’s Day to me

My husband and I aren’t usually big on Valentine’s Day, but yesterday he gave me a present: a paper cutter. I have been wanting one for years, but didn’t feel I could justify getting one since I don’t cut paper all that often. But damn do I like a nice clean cut, and my exacto […]

Munich Gärtnerplatz

Back in the studio again

I think this one’s done. (Last seen in progress in this post.) What a perfect week to be in the studio. Munich is getting a ridiculous amount of sunlight, enhanced by the slightly longer days. I have a couple of new painting projects in the works, and I’m feeling quite energized. This month is all […]

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