Day 6: Little Leaf

autumn leaf painting with palette knife
Small leaf study, 15 x 15 cm, oil on canvas board, ©2011 Julie Galante. Original oil painting available online at Etsy

This one is more about the paint than the leaf. Sometimes I felt like I was spreading frosting rather than painting. Most of the paint was applied by palette knife, although at times I pushed the paint around with a brush, as well. It was fun.

November is Art Every Day Month! I’ll be posting a new small painting here each and every day. After they have had time to dry (a couple weeks), the original paintings will also appear in my Etsy shop.

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15 Responses to “Day 6: Little Leaf”

  1. Jennibellie says:

    Really nice, love all the texture oil applied with a knife brings, thanks for sharing Jennibellie x
    Jennibellie recently posted..AEDM & NaNoWriMo Day 6

  2. Gwen says:

    It is easy to see why you had so much fun…so vibrant and full of colour!

  3. Serena says:

    I LOVE the texture in this one…nice work!
    Serena recently posted..Day 6 – AEDM & Nablopomo – messy abstract & inspiration

  4. Tracy says:

    LOVE this! Pushing paint about is so fun!
    Tracy recently posted..Big Blue & AEDM Day 6

  5. Michelle says:

    Great colour and texture :).
    Stay inspired!
    Michelle recently posted..cut & run – AEDM Day 6

  6. This is beautiful…love the texture and color! Fall FAB!

  7. Carol Samsel says:

    This is definitely a fun and brilliant painting :) I love it !!!!
    Carol Samsel recently posted..Art Every Day Month—-Day 6

  8. Visiting because of AEDM. I love the texture of the paint – the colors are also wonderful!
    Lori Moon Studio recently posted..Sunday Color Snippets

  9. I love all the texture in this one, and what colours! I keep wanting to try out oils myself but really can’t be bothered with all the hassle that comes with them. That leaves me with a chance to admire the stuff people make who aren’t babies about it like me. :)
    B @ Sweet Limes recently posted..AEDM ‘ 11 – Day 5

  10. Marylin says:

    Ohhh the texture! I just want to reach out and touch it. :)
    Marylin recently posted..Day 6: One of my favourite quotes…

  11. Nigel says:

    Love the colours and textures. Oils are something I’ve not plucked up the courage to try (yet)
    Nigel recently posted..AEDM D6

  12. Jul says:

    Thank you all so much for your kind comments! I love all the feedback I get during AEDM. I am so appreciative.

    @B (and @Nigel) – You might want to consider giving water-soluble oils a try. They are pretty much as easy as acrylics (no turps required), but a great way to play around with the buttery texture of oils.

  13. The texture on this is wonderful… makes me want to touch it…. great piece xx
    Tracey Fletcher King recently posted..Where does an hour go?

  14. Bobbi says:

    That looks fun!
    Bobbi recently posted..AEDM – Silent Sunday

  15. Jul says:

    @Tracey – Better not, this one’s going to take ages to dry. :)

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