Settling in at Ginestrelle

Ginestrelle morning walk

Today was my first full day working at Arte Studio Ginestrelle (an artists’ retreat outside of Assisi, Italy). Before breakfast I went out for a morning walk through the surrounding hills. The sun was bright and the autumn colors were dazzling.

Ginestrelle apples walnuts

Breakfast featured local deliciousness in the form of fresh ricotta cheese and yogurt from a neighboring farm, apples and walnuts.

the shared studio at Ginestrelle

After breakfast I pulled out the big pile of art supplies I brought with me and set up on a table in the studio on the top floor of the farmhouse. Like several other rooms, it is heated by a wood-burning stove (so it smells lovely).

work in progress - sketch of Marina

I worked on several different pieces, including a portrait of Marina, the director of the residency program. I ran out of daylight around 4pm; now I’m down in the common room by the fireplace enjoying an aperitivo before dinner. The moon will be almost full tonight, and some of the other artists and I talked about going out for an after-dinner walk to see if we can spot any porcupines (which supposedly like to come out after dark). I’ll let you know if we find any.

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3 Responses to “Settling in at Ginestrelle”

  1. Rebag says:

    Love the art room……Nice area….can almost smell the wood burning~

  2. Oh, wow. This looks absolutely lovely. What a grand opportunity for you! The photo from your morning walk just drew me in AND I must say, the thought of a wood burning stove to add fragrance to the air delights me to no end!

    I am grateful to have found you via art every day month today.
    Julie Jordan Scott recently posted..The Ongoing Healing from Nora: Tending to My Melanoma Scar & More

  3. Jul says:

    I think the smell of burning wood is going to be connected to making art for me for a very long time. I’m hoping that it’s managing to permeate the paper I’m working on a little bit, too. An olfactory souvenir. :)

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