Tokyo: settling in to the art studio

the view from my Tokyo studio
The view out the window of my Tokyo studio.

Hello from Tokyo! I’m here on a month-long artist’s residency at 3331 Arts Chiyoda. I’m settling in, getting over my jet lag, and starting to get some ideas for the body of work that I’m going to produce here. I also stocked up on supplies at Sekaido, the 6-storey art supply mecca in Shinjuku. I’m still trying to figure out why their store mascot is Mona Lisa as a blow-up doll.

Tokyo studio
My studio space in Tokyo.

I’ve gone out several times with my camera to capture various parts of the city, but I’ve only just barely scratched the surface. The visual stimulation is endless. (You can see some of my photographs on my travel blog.) I’m constantly torn between spending time out exploring and being back in my lovely studio. I’m trying to fit a little of both into each day.

plum blossom study
A page from my sketchbook: plum blossoms study

Soon I’ll start sending out postcards and sketchbook pages to many of my wonderful Kickstarter backers. I’ll also start posting images of some of the original artwork that you will have to choose from as part of your rewards. Stay tuned!

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