November: Art Every Day Month begins

Sunset study, 20x20cm, oil on canvas.

Sunset study, 20x20cm, oil on canvas. [SOLD]

I’m so excited for Art Every Day Month this year. Sometimes you just need a kick in the ass to get you working away at the easel on a regular schedule. Even more than that, for me it’s serving as a reminder to share my creations along the way, good, bad, or ugly. I plan to post at least one image every day this month. (Apologies in advance to subscribers who prefer my usual once-every-blue-moon blogging schedule. It will come back soon, I’m sure.)

Today I have a sunset view for you. As I’ve mentioned, I’m obsessed with the view out the window of my new studio. Combine church towers and chimney pots with Scottish sunsets (they are the best in the world, I am starting to think), and I have a hard time looking away. It seems futile to try to capture the drama of a good sunset, but I can’t help wanting to try. We’ll see if I manage to get good at it before I give up.

It’s Art Every Day Month! Towards the end of the month, these new daily paintings will be available to purchase in my Etsy shop. Check out Leah’s blog for more information about Art Every Day Month, or follow the discussion on Twitter with the #aedm2014 hashtag.

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10 Responses to “November: Art Every Day Month begins”

  1. Linda says:

    gorgeous colors!
    Linda recently posted..AEDM 2014 DAY !

  2. Maron says:

    My sentiments coincide so exactly with yours…ha ha! But it is good to get that proverbial kick in the keister, isn’t it! Love the painting!

  3. If I could paint like that I would NEVER leave my studio. I think this is PERFECTION!!
    Bleubeard and Elizabeth recently posted..October complete and November ready in my never ending calendar

  4. Great painting with such a strong atmosphere!!! I love your colors!! ;;And totally recognize myself in what you write!! I wave to you from CED
    Jeanne-Sylvie recently posted..Charcoal and abstract

  5. Thalia says:

    Yeah I think you’re doing pretty good there already. :) I know what you mean though; I was outside trying to draw the sky the other day and the damned thing just WILL NOT SIT STILL.

  6. Cindy McMath says:

    This is stunning – and how lucky for you to be able to see it out your window as you work!
    Cindy McMath recently posted..Turquoise Mail Art Call & new challenge (Art Every Day Month)

  7. Jul says:

    Thanks for all your lovely comments! Glad I’m not alone in needing a little nudge to the easel.

  8. Nigel says:

    Wonderful painting, and your reason for joining this year’s AEDM sounds remarkably familiar :)
    Nigel recently posted..AEDM Day 2

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