Art Every Day Month, day 14

inkportraits - 2

Playing around with ink today. Got the paper very wet and just experimented. This week I’ve learned that the two types of heavy-duty drawing paper I have respond very differently to wet materials.

inkportraits - 1

Tomorrow I’m giving a presentation about my work at the Edinburgh Art Fair. I’m pretty nervous about it, but optimistic that I can get through it without embarrassing myself. I know that being able to speak confidently in public about my work would be a very good skill to cultivate.

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2 Responses to “Art Every Day Month, day 14”

  1. These are both lovely, but the one you did in blue is ethereal.

    Good luck tomorrow. I’m sure you can do it. I know when I had to speak, I’d stand in front of a mirror to practice. I was my own worst critic, so looking back at myself helped me get over my nervousness.
    Bleubeard and Elizabeth recently posted..Journal 52, Week 46: Color Me (along with AJJ and MM&M) Crazy

  2. Nigel says:

    Interesting images, detailed without being detailed. If that makes sense.

    Good luck with the presentation
    Nigel recently posted..Nothing much today

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