New work

In the Water by Julie Galante

In the Water, 16.5x15cm, mixed media on paper. [SOLD]

I’ve been pretty quiet for the past several months – not just here but all over the place. I wasn’t making tons of art, at least not finished pieces, but I was mulling over lots of ideas for what I want to do next. An artist friend of mine said she calls this a chrysalis period.

You and Me

You and Me, 32x24cm, mixed media on paper. [SOLD]

So here I am, emerging from the chrysalis. The new work I’m creating weaves together many different ideas and subjects. I’ve been thinking a lot about migration and our relationships with places, and with other people. I’ve been incorporating imagery from old family photos and history, public archives, and my everyday life.

Hold Me

Hold Me, 15.5x15cm, mixed media on paper. [SOLD]

My oil paints are still on the shelf, as mixed-media supplies have taken over all of my working surfaces: inks, watercolors, gesso, acrylics, pencils, pastels, conte, charcoal, and a bunch of other things. I do love my art supplies.

newart - 2

Untitled (Italian woman at Ellis Island). [SOLD]

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  1. Gayle says:

    Love this new work that has emerged out of your chrysalis stage (thanks for this new word!! had to look it up). I can so relate to getting caught up in mixed media – it’s quite addictive, as I am finding out. Now when I do any “regular (as in straight acrylics)” painting, I keep several mixed media projects nearby on which I can clean my brushes or dab any left over paint from my palette (when there is not enough to keep for the next session). That way, the mixed media children don’t feel left out and the haphazard visits of color marks sometimes spark new ideas.

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