ProfileJulieWelcome to my art blog. I use this site to share my daily paintings, works in progress, thoughts about the creative process, and news about upcoming exhibitions. Your comments and feedback are welcome.

My name is Julie Galante and I am an American artist currently living and working in Edinburg, Scotland (I just moved here from Munich, Germany). I have lived all over the place and I love to travel. I collect a lot of visual inspiration wherever I go. I am primarily a painter, and my first love is portraiture. I also paint a lot of cityscapes and the occasional still life. A few years ago I took up the practice of daily painting.

I have another blog, This International Life, where I write about life as an expat and my travels around Europe. I also have a more formal artist’s website, where you can see my larger works.

If you’d like to contact me directly, you can email me.

I am @julie_galante (art stuff) and @zurika (travel/expat/Edinburgh stuff) on Twitter.

Thanks so much for stopping by.