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A Woman’s Place and what comes next

Way back in August, I had an exhibition called A Woman’s Place. It included around 40 paintings and mixed-media pieces of mine – probably the largest show I’ve ever done. There were several different themes running through the artwork, all having to do with woman and where we belong. At the very personal end, I […]



It has been over two months since my husband died. I am through the worst of the paperwork and other post-death responsibilities, and my life is starting to get molded into its new routines and habits. I got a kitten so I don’t have to come home to an empty apartment. She likes to play […]

ScottMacBook - 1


My husband died a month ago. I’ve been rather quiet online since then, busy with paperwork and grief and more paperwork (death brings so much paperwork, especially if you’ve lived in several countries). But sooner or later I want to reemerge – to continue to share my art and my thoughts and my writing, even […]


Of mixed media and Glaswegian hospitals

I’m still hanging out in Glasgow these days, away from my studio. My husband and I have been here since mid-November, when he checked into the hospital for his stem cell transplant.


Well that went by quickly

(To start by stating the obvious) November is at an end already. I’ve been doing my best to fit in creative time when I can. Most days it’s just a bit of drawing in my sketchbook. Here are a couple of the images I’ve created over the past month. I noticed that the heads on […]

Two Figures, Armless

Art Every Day Month 2016

Art Every Day Month is here again! I’ve been participating for most of the past 11 years (the first time was way back when I lived in Switzerland). This year is going to be a stretch for me, but it’s also a good way to challenge myself. In a few days my husband will be […]

Victoria Street

Art for a cause

If you subscribe to my newsletter or follow my Facebook page, you may already know that my husband’s leukemia has recently returned. The first time he was sick, in 2013, I really struggled to keep making art during his treatment and recovery. This time around, I am trying to make art a priority as much […]

Hold Me 2

Missing Faces

I love painting and drawing faces. Portraiture has always been a big part of my artistic practice. So why have faces been missing from so much of my recent work? It’s possible that I was too focused on faces, to the point of not paying enough attention to other parts of the composition, the body, […]

newart - 4

New work

I’ve been pretty quiet for the past several months – not just here but all over the place. I wasn’t making tons of art, at least not finished pieces, but I was mulling over lots of ideas for what I want to do next. An artist friend of mine said she calls this a chrysalis […]

inkdrawings - 1

Expressive inky layers

I’m still here, working through the exercises in my expressive drawing course. Overall I’m still really enjoying it. The exercises are confirming my love for working in mixed media on paper, so much so that it might be another month or two before I go back to oil painting. These first two images are experiments […]

stockbridgeview - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 30

A work in progress for you today, the very last day of Art Every Day Month. Today my expressive drawing course is tackling architecture, which is a different challenge than we’ve had so far. Mostly we’ve been looking at organic shapes until now. How to maintain expressiveness while communicating straight lines and right angles? I […]

reworkedportrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 29

The end of the month is sneaking up on us, I fear. Today I took an unsuccessful piece from earlier in the month and worked a portrait on top of it. I enjoyed the process but I think I took it a little too far – it was more interesting when more of the earlier […]

MuybridgeDrawings - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 28

Today’s assignment was to draw a series of Muybridge poses using layers of gesso and marks-all pencil. I tried it twice, but I’m still disappointed with the results. Both would have been better if I had overlapped the figures more, been more forceful with the pencil marks, and been more expressive with my mark-making. Probably […]

figuresinklayers - 1

Art Evert Day Month, day 27

OK, I don’t really know what’s going on here. There are bits I like, here and there, so overall I’m going to consider it a successful experiment with a new technique. This week my online course is all about pushing things further by building up layers. This piece has many layers of inks and ink […]

inklineportrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 26

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I baked a pumpkin pie this morning and now the whole house smells like pie and I’m wondering how I’m going to keep myself from eating the pie before dinner tonight. This was an exercise in discipline, in a way. The idea was to build up the image using only ink wash […]

pencillayerportrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 25

This was an exercise in adding and taking away using pencils, graphite powder, and erasers, leaving a history of mark-making on the page. I think I could have pushed it further, but I started to run out of daylight. I’ve found that I can work comfortably after dark with bolder materials such as ink and […]

3inkchalkportraits - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 24

For this one I used the exact same reference photos in the same configuration as my piece from two days ago. I almost ever do this, but I figure there’s probably a lot to be learned from repeating an exercise so closely. For this one I wasn’t happy with how faint the white ink was, […]

inkportrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 23

More experimenting with my new white ink today. As suspected, it’s not as obvious on white paper, even when layered into dark areas. It does add some nice subtle tonal variations in some spots, however. I should try it on a flat surface, where it will have the chance to pool instead of just dripping […]

3portraitswhiteink - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 22

Yay, new art supplies arrived today. I had made an order a while ago, but there were a couple things out of stock that finally got here. One of them was white ink, which I have never worked with before. To test it out, I decided to try the three faces exercise again. I used […]

expressiveportrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 21

Experiments in expressive portraiture today. I was especially trying to not make the two halves of the face symmetrical. I probably could have pushed it further – will work on this one some more and see what happens.

lilies - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 20

I seem to be in a pattern this week, always thinking that tomorrow I’ll have more time for making art. To be fair, I’ve been busy with art-related activities, if not necessarily the making of it. Tomorrow I’m hanging another show, so today I’ve been occupied with choosing work, making labels, and the like. After […]

3portraits - 2

Art Every Day Month, day 19

Today I drew three portraits on top of each other, another exercise in my expressive drawing course. It’s interesting, having this course overlap with Art Every Day Month – most of these exercises are things I wouldn’t normally post, but I have enjoyed all the feedback they’ve received. Perhaps I should be posting experiments all […]

lilyink - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 18

Another quick expressive experiment today, with pools of ink swirling around on wet paper. I was hoping to have more time for art this week, but so far it hasn’t worked out. Hopefully I’ll have a more interesting piece to share tomorrow.

3portraits - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 17

Playing around with expressive drawing in ink today. I don’t think this one’s quite done, but I want to get something posted before I head to bed. Still struggling to catch up with all the things I was putting off last week when I was preparing for my presentation. Will be back on top of […]

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