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SketchingOutdoors - 1

Sketching outside

Aided perhaps by the long days and sunny weather, I’ve been getting back into sketching outdoors recently. It helps that I’ve finally sorted out my sketching kit. For the longest time I was unhappy with my options, and could never quite work out how to improve things. I love sketching in charcoal, but don’t like […]

Em on the tube - work in progress

Portrait in progress: Emily on the tube

Em on the tube (in progress), oil on canvas, 70 x 50 cm. For this portrait I’m working from a photo I snapped with my iphone while riding the tube in London with my friend Emily. The florescent lighting of the subway car combined with the flash from the iphone created a slightly eerie, strangely-colored […]

my new paper cutter

Happy Valentine’s Day to me

My husband and I aren’t usually big on Valentine’s Day, but yesterday he gave me a present: a paper cutter. I have been wanting one for years, but didn’t feel I could justify getting one since I don’t cut paper all that often. But damn do I like a nice clean cut, and my exacto […]

little canvases

Stocked up

I love starting the day with a delivery of art supplies to unpack. So much artistic potential! This time the delivery was mostly little canvases and canvas boards. I started the practice of daily painting about three months ago, and I’ve found it to be something I want to continue for a while. I enjoy […]

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