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Studio, rearranged

I am lucky to have a wonderful room to use as a studio. In honor of the Creative Every Day August theme, MOVE, today I rearranged to give myself more working space for art. The large table in the photo used to be my computer table, and I was using a much smaller table for […]

Sachiko sketches

This week I’m doing some preliminary sketches for a portrait of a friend.

Self (portrait)

Inspired by this month’s Creative Every Day theme, self, I decided to start a new self portrait today. Can you tell what kind of mood I’m in? I’ve done tons of self portraits, my whole life long. I like making portraits, and I’m always the most available subject. I’m doing this one (like most of […]

Revisiting the Volksbad

I keep coming back to this tiny painting, trying to rework it into something I can be happy with. The colors have become brighter since the last time I posted it. Not quite where I want it to be yet, but moving in the right direction.

Catching up on the 100 in 100

I signed up for Warrior Girl’s 100 in 100 challenge a few days late, so I’ve been behind from the start (which was supposedly June 1st). No problem, since I don’t mind doing more than one drawing/painting/collage per day to catch up. Most of my 100 things will be small sketchbook pages, but I’m also […]

New series: city collages

Dublin, Ireland, 24 x 18 cm, found paper and acrylic on panel. Tampere, Finland, 24 x 18 cm, found paper and acrylic on panel. I really enjoyed making these, and I’m pleased with the initial results (I’ll do a little more work on the Tampere one, at least). The collage elements consist of paper (maps, […]

Inspired by Kandinsky

Played around with gouache today.

Back from a travel break

My in-progress Slovenian collage, last seen here. I’ve been on the road for most of the past month and a half, which is why this blog has become neglected once again. I’ve missed having time in my studio, but at least I have been staying creative. Every day while traveling I write and take copious […]

A Slovenian mess

I love the beginning stages of a collage, when everything is so chaotic, various materials slapped together in disharmony. At least that’s how mine usually start out. This collage-in-progress is inspired by my recent trip to Slovenia. The background consists of pages from an old Slovenian book my friend and I bought for a euro […]

Painting: Munich’s Volksbad

30 x 30cm, acrylic on canvas Last seen in this post, my Volksbad painting has been sitting stagnant for quite a while. I did a little more to it this week. I still think it’s pretty… boring. It’s not the kind of painting I want to produce. Can’t decide if it’s worth any more work […]

Two more

I know these aren’t the most brilliant things I’ve ever created, but they’re a whole lot of fun. This second one is a re-working of the middle painting from my last post. It just didn’t have enough personality before. Now all ten little canvases are full, and I’m going to have to come up with […]

more little face paintings

I’m not sure all of them are done, but if I waited until I was 100% satisfied with things before posting them here, I’d never make any posts at all. These are all 15 x 15 cm canvases, acrylic paint.

Lessons in gouache

I’ve put off posting this, my first work with gouache, for what should be obvious reasons now that you’ve seen it. In an effort to make the edge of the buildings a little crisper, I decided to employ some masking tape. You know, as a mask. It seemed like a good idea at the time, […]

Little face paintings

I’m back at home in my studio for a few days between trips to Ireland*. I’m trying to make the most of this studio time, but I haven’t decided on my next big project yet. I’ve lost steam on the two paintings series (Munich and Tuscany) I’ve been working on. Perhaps I just need a […]

Creative retreat in Ireland

I find myself in Dublin with a little free time on my hands, and I’m using it for a couple of creative pursuits. I brought along my new gouache and some postcard-sized watercolor paper, as well as a sketchbook and various sketching utensils. But my main focus is on working through the book Perfect Digital […]

Paris with the new camera

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love traveling any more than I already did, but this new camera is making it even more fun. I just got home from a weekend in Paris, and I had a blast taking pictures there and getting creative with the camera. I got plenty of shots […]

New toys: rhymes with squash

I had a lovely afternoon at the art store this week, stocking up on supplies and looking for something new to experiment with. Inspiration hit when I stumbled across this bargain-priced set of gouache. I’ve never painted with gouache before, so I couldn’t resist this chance to try it out. I’ve heard it’s sort of […]

CED: sketchbook pages

I’ve been trying to make this post for days… unfortunately our internet access has been too spotty to handle photo uploads. Fingers crossed that this time it works… I’ve been sketching, collaging, and painting up a storm in my sketchbook. In the spirit of this month’s CED theme, Play, I’ve been trying new things and […]

Happy Creative 2009!

I spent the past week having a blast in New York City, and now I’m home and ready for a very creative 2009. My Creative Every Day year is on its way. I got off to a slow, jetlaggy start, but today I’m feeling a little more energetic. One of the big bits of excitement […]

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