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Victoria Street

Art for a cause

If you subscribe to my newsletter or follow my Facebook page, you may already know that my husband’s leukemia has recently returned. The first time he was sick, in 2013, I really struggled to keep making art during his treatment and recovery. This time around, I am trying to make art a priority as much […]

stockbridgeview - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 30

A work in progress for you today, the very last day of Art Every Day Month. Today my expressive drawing course is tackling architecture, which is a different challenge than we’ve had so far. Mostly we’ve been looking at organic shapes until now. How to maintain expressiveness while communicating straight lines and right angles? I […]

EdinburghAutumn - 1

Art Every Day Month 2015

It’s November 1st, which means Art Every Day Month is upon us once more. I’ve been taking part almost every year since 2008, posting my daily creations here on my blog. Last year I did a small oil painting each day; this year I think I’ll mostly be sharing things from the online course I’ll […]

Stockbridge Kitchen Window

Into September

It’s been a busy week. I brought work home from one show, hung another show, and found out my art has been accepted into a third show. While updating my exhibitions page, I realized that that makes six times I’ll have exhibited my work this year. Very pleased with that number. I’ve also been rejiggering […]

EdinburghFestivalArt - 2

Painting my way through the Edinburgh Festivals

  I’m still working my way through my 100 sheets of parchment. It has turned into a longer project than I expected – originally I was thinking I’d do mostly quick sketches and the like, but I keep finding myself working on some of them for longer amounts of time. Not a bad thing, as […]


On my easel this week: Stockbridge, lighthouses, Ardnamurchan

  I’ve been busy inside the studio and out these past couple weeks. It’s daylight out almost all the time these days in Edinburgh, so it’s easy to fit in painting time. My subject matter seems to have drifted to be all Scotland all the time at the moment.   I’m also hard at work […]

ArtStudio 2

Getting bigger

Now that that’s over, I’m moving on to some larger canvases, and now suddenly I have too many options. Do I focus on cityscapes next, as I had planned? Pursue Highland landscapes a bit more, as they turned out to be my favorite new subject last month? Go back to the Edinburgh pub and restaurant […]

Stockbridge Painting

Day 27: Stockbridge, and texture

Last week I bought some plaster of paris, mixed it with pva glue, and smeared it on some canvases. Today I picked up the canvas I had made the bumpiest, and decided to paint this Edinburgh street scene on it. This was a challenging task – the surface was so uneven, I had trouble creating […]


Day 24: castle silhouette

It’s the last week of AEDM already! I’ve been having so much fun, playing around with new subject matters and styles, interacting with the other participants. Thank you so much for all your insightful and supportive comments. I’m energized going into this week, and I hope to come up with some interesting paintings to share […]


Day 20: whisky with a view

I’ve been distracted this week, and seem to be struggling to fit in my daily paintings before it gets too dark (which is usually around 3:30pm these days). Given that this one was really fast and not very planned-out, I think it turned out OK. There are things about it I really like, and things […]

AEDMnew 7

Day 13: Stockbridge study

I have had the idea for a painting like this percolating in my imagination for a while now. I want to make cityscapes with a certain combination of abstract compositional elements and recognizable details. I think I’ve been worried that I wouldn’t be able to produce images that lived up to the ideas in my […]

AEDM 3 (1)

Day 10: Bridge across the Forth

The Forth Rail Bridge is an iconic structure not far from Edinburgh. It’s a popular subject with local artists, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before it made an appearance on my easel. ———- It’s Art Every Day Month! Towards the end of the month, these new daily paintings will be […]

Sunset study, 20x20cm, oil on canvas.

November: Art Every Day Month begins

I’m so excited for Art Every Day Month this year. Sometimes you just need a kick in the ass to get you working away at the easel on a regular schedule. Even more than that, for me it’s serving as a reminder to share my creations along the way, good, bad, or ugly. I plan […]


Getting ready for market

Next week I’ll be presenting my small paintings and prints at an arts market here in Edinburgh. I haven’t really done much like it before, but I figured it was worth trying out (even though interacting with the public makes my social anxiety flare up). At the very least it will get my art in […]

Rose Street Study

Daily paintings: more Edinburgh

Edinburgh Study: Rose Street, 18 x 24 cm, oil on canvas. Available. Have I mentioned how long it takes paint to dry in Edinburgh? So much longer than in Munich. I’m still not used to living in such a humid climate. Edinburgh makes up for this minor inconvenience in other ways, luckily. I love painting […]


Daily paintings: Edinburgh

Study: St Bernard’s Well, Stockbridge. Available. Now that my acrylic painting course is over, I’m back on the oils (my current studio set up is so small that it’s easiest to just stick with one medium at a time). It’s nice to get back to my favorite medium, and I’m enjoying getting to know it […]

Down on the Royal Mile

Painting Edinburgh

I handed in my portfolio for my cityscape painting course this morning. I’m reasonably pleased with the work I produced for it – a series of eight acrylic paintings of Edinburgh (supported by dozens of studies, prints, and sketches). Edinburgh has proven to be an enchanting subject, reminding me constantly how lucky I am to […]

EdinburghSketches 1

Sketching Edinburgh

Since January I’ve been taking a cityscape painting course at Edinburgh College of Art. It has been everything I hoped it would be – namely, an excellent shove back into daily life as a painter. Sometimes having too much freedom about what art to make next can be overwhelming – endless possibilities, how to choose? […]

EdinburghArt 2

A taste of art in Edinburgh

Where am I today? Apartment-hunting in Edinburgh. I’m also getting a first look at the amazing art offerings of this city. Like the free drawing classes at the National Gallery taught by Damian Callan. I haven’t had much time to make art this month with all the traveling I’m doing, so it was wonderful to […]

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