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Of mixed media and Glaswegian hospitals

I’m still hanging out in Glasgow these days, away from my studio. My husband and I have been here since mid-November, when he checked into the hospital for his stem cell transplant.

fastfigures - 2

Art Every Day Month, day 13

Some more figure drawing today, working quickly with different materials. Above is charcoal (stick and pencil); below is ink wash and pen.

figurelinseedoil - 2

Art Every Day Month, day 12

Another experiment today. This one is graphite powder, pencil, and charcoal on drawing paper coated with linseed oil. I must have spread the oil a bit too thick, because in spots (such as the big diamond-shaped area on his chest) it seemed to suck up the materials and refused to let them go. So I […]

figuredrawing - 1 (1)

Art Every Day Month, day 6

Today was some quick figure drawing using this website. It’s a fantastic resource for drawing practice, showing you new photographs of posed models at timed intervals. Not quite as good as a life drawing class, but a decent substitute. I enjoyed the shorter poses more than the longer ones. I found myself getting too fidgety […]

figuredrawing - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 5

This was an exercise in figure proportions. I am usually very impatient when I create art, so it was good for me to slow down and take some time to make sure I was getting the proportions more or less correct. I love having assignments to do. I am already behind in my online class […]

model 2

Day 15: painting from a model

This month I’m taking a painting course where each week we work on a different genre popular with the Scottish Colourists. This week we had a live model dressed in floral prints and a big hat of the type often seen in Colourist paintings. In the class I work in acrylics on cardboard, a combination […]

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