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Talisker Distillery

Painting the Isle of Skye

It’s a busy week in the studio, as I’m finishing up some oil paintings and framing some works on paper for the 3 Harbours Arts Festival. As I was cataloging my new landscapes, I realized that a fair number of them were inspired by the Isle of Skye, a beautiful island off the west coast […]

Highland study with lighthouse

Highland landscapes show, and getting organized

Feeling a bit more organized this week. On Monday my new Scottish landscapes went on display at Bistro Provence, a French restaurant in Leith (a neighborhood of Edinburgh). They look¬†good on the walls, and people had lots of nice things to say at the opening, so I’m starting to believe that landscapes and I might […]

NovemberArt 4

Day 26: painting Plockton

I love these tiny little 10x15cm canvases – I can easily paint several of them in a day. Right now I seem to be a little obsessed with Plockton, a Scottish Highland town we recently visited. (Yesterday I wrote about our trip to Plockton on my travel blog.) Going back through the dozens of photos […]


Day 19: Plockton, take 2

Look familiar? Today I painted the same scene as I did yesterday. I had intended to make it much more monochromatic and moody than yesterday’s, but some bright oranges and blues still managed to sneak their way in. As a ground I re-used a canvas board that had a very three-dimensional painting on it, so […]

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