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PlocktonPainting 1

Day 30: one last Scottish landscape

So here we are at the end of Art Every Day Month, and what a lovely month it has been. I started out painting cocktails and desserts, and ended with moody Scottish landscapes. Given that at the beginning of the month I had no plan whatsoever (beyond making & sharing art every day), it was […]

AbstractHighlandPaintings 1

Day 29: paint like frosting

Stepping away from the smooth white skies of yesterday, I decided to play around with some thick impasto abstract skies today. Which do you prefer? The paint on these reminds me of frosting, like what you would put on Christmas cookies. Mmmmm frosting. Maybe I should go back and paint another cupcake or two. It […]

AbstractHighlandPaintings 3

Day 28: white skies

In my mind’s eye, when I think about the imaginary landscapes I want to paint, they almost always look like a variation of these paintings: white skies, low horizon, dark land, sometimes a strand of bright color in between. I’m very compelled by this basic structure. Is it interesting enough for an entire series of paintings? […]


Day 22: smooshy paint

I’m not going to lie to you: this is just a bunch of paint smooshed onto a panel with a palette knife. And it was lots of fun to make. ———- It’s Art Every Day Month! Towards the end of the month, these new daily paintings will be available to purchase in my Etsy shop. […]

AEDMnew 3

Day 12: Abstract Highlands

I’ve been sorting through photos from a road trip to the Scottish Highlands these days (putting together posts for my travel blog). While I haven’t been drawn to paint any specific image, I wanted to play around with the kinds of shapes and compositions that I’m coming across in these photos. Plus sometimes you just […]

Volksbad Munich original painting

Day 17: Munich’s Volksbad on the Isar

Munich’s Volksbad on the Isar, 18 x 24 cm, oil on canvas, ©2011 Julie Galante. [SOLD] The Müller’sches Volksbad is Munich’s incredibly beautiful Art Nouveau indoor swimming pool. It is located next to a shallow part of the Isar, the river that runs through the city. I love looking at it. And painting it. I […]

Imaginary cityscape

Happy Art Every Day Month!

If you haven’t already, go check out Art Every Day Month on Leah’s blog. This is the third November in a row that I’ll be participating. It’s lots of fun, and a great chance to connect with creative bloggers from all over the place. In past years I have posted my daily art to my […]


Landscapes, little and imaginary

Most of my work is subjective and painted from life, but every once in a while I create images purely from my imagination, such as these two. Usually I have a hard time choosing a direction when painting without reference material. I like to push myself to try it every once in a while. Both […]

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