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Expressive inky layers

I’m still here, working through the exercises in my expressive drawing course. Overall I’m still really enjoying it. The exercises are confirming my love for working in mixed media on paper, so much so that it might be another month or two before I go back to oil painting. These first two images are experiments […]

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Art Evert Day Month, day 27

OK, I don’t really know what’s going on here. There are bits I like, here and there, so overall I’m going to consider it a successful experiment with a new technique. This week my online course is all about pushing things further by building up layers. This piece has many layers of inks and ink […]

inklineportrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 26

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I baked a pumpkin pie this morning and now the whole house smells like pie and I’m wondering how I’m going to keep myself from eating the pie before dinner tonight. This was an exercise in discipline, in a way. The idea was to build up the image using only ink wash […]

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Art Every Day Month, day 24

For this one I used the exact same reference photos in the same configuration as my piece from two days ago. I almost ever do this, but I figure there’s probably a lot to be learned from repeating an exercise so closely. For this one I wasn’t happy with how faint the white ink was, […]

inkportrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 23

More experimenting with my new white ink today. As suspected, it’s not as obvious on white paper, even when layered into dark areas. It does add some nice subtle tonal variations in some spots, however. I should try it on a flat surface, where it will have the chance to pool instead of just dripping […]

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