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Assisi View Mixed Media

Tokyo and Assisi and Kickstarter and me

Work in progress: a mixed-media Assisi skyline First, the big news: my Kickstarter project is live! The goal is to fund my February residency in Tokyo, Japan, by offering original artwork and other rewards to backers. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the support I’ve received already in these first couple days. It’s now my last […]

oil painting: Marienplatz, entrance to S/U

Munich’s Marienplatz makes an appearance

Marienplatz S/U, 30 x 30 cm, oil on canvas, ©2011 Julie Galante. Marienplatz is Munich’s iconic main square, and it seems like a natural subject to take up if you’re painting this city. I do think it’s a lovely place, but it just doesn’t call to me the way other parts of the city do, […]

oil painting - portrait detail

Flesh, portraits, and Lucian Freud

Detail of a work in progress, oil on canvas, ©2011 Julie Galante. Another big-name artist died this week: Lucian Freud. Figurative painters are in the minority in today’s art world, especially ones creating truly new, interesting things. I tend to seek them out and study their work; they comfort me against fears that nothing new can […]

Postcards from the Edge: deadline Thursday

Visual AIDS is holding the 12th annual Postcards from the Edge exhibition and benefit sale in January. Artists from all over the world donate postcard-sized works of art which are then sold to benefit Visual AIDS. You too can donate a postcard, but your entry must be postmarked by this Thursday, 10 December 2009. I […]

Would you let Google use your art for free?

My husband brought this article to my attention today, about how Google has been asking artists to create skins for them for free. The reward to the artist, naturally, is “exposure”, that insipid internet currency. I am familiar with this sort of scenario, not with my art work, but rather with travel writing. Ever since […]

I needed something to decorate the walls in our new apartment

While I am in Zurich right now, I swear I had nothing to do with the big art heist that went down Sunday. I am, however, kicking myself that in two years of living in Zurich I never once made it to the Buehrle Collection. What was I thinking? I hereby promise to not be […]

I want an art allowance!

Small Collectors – wealthy kids buy fancy art

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