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AEDM 2009 day 29: the Procrastinator

OK, so art it isn’t, but I wanted to show you my little chicken in a basket drawing anyway. This is a page from a notebook I have called the Procrastinator. Each page has spaces for little drawings and other quick, time-wasting activities. Something about the sense of humor of the authors really tickles me.

Still here, still playing

When life gets busy and I step away from my artwork for a while, sometimes I have a hard time jumping back in. That’s when I decide to set the bar really low, and just tell myself to play around in my sketchbook. A good example of this is the above mess. My inspiration was […]

A self portrait in stuff

This post over on Red Otter inspired me to play along with a self-portrait concept: “If you were to pull together five to ten of your favorite items in your home, what would be included, which items would you choose? What is indicative of you? What have you carried with you everywhere you’ve traveled or […]

White board walls

How much fun would it be to paint the walls of my studio with this stuff and just make them giant dry-erase boards?

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