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Cat Lady Club (scan)

A Woman’s Place and what comes next

Way back in August, I had an exhibition called A Woman’s Place. It included around 40 paintings and mixed-media pieces of mine – probably the largest show I’ve ever done. There were several different themes running through the artwork, all having to do with woman and where we belong. At the very personal end, I […]

ScottMacBook - 1


My husband died a month ago. I’ve been rather quiet online since then, busy with paperwork and grief and more paperwork (death brings so much paperwork, especially if you’ve lived in several countries). But sooner or later I want to reemerge – to continue to share my art and my thoughts and my writing, even […]

inkdrawings - 1

Expressive inky layers

I’m still here, working through the exercises in my expressive drawing course. Overall I’m still really enjoying it. The exercises are confirming my love for working in mixed media on paper, so much so that it might be another month or two before I go back to oil painting. These first two images are experiments […]

inklineportrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 26

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I baked a pumpkin pie this morning and now the whole house smells like pie and I’m wondering how I’m going to keep myself from eating the pie before dinner tonight. This was an exercise in discipline, in a way. The idea was to build up the image using only ink wash […]

pencillayerportrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 25

This was an exercise in adding and taking away using pencils, graphite powder, and erasers, leaving a history of mark-making on the page. I think I could have pushed it further, but I started to run out of daylight. I’ve found that I can work comfortably after dark with bolder materials such as ink and […]

3inkchalkportraits - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 24

For this one I used the exact same reference photos in the same configuration as my piece from two days ago. I almost ever do this, but I figure there’s probably a lot to be learned from repeating an exercise so closely. For this one I wasn’t happy with how faint the white ink was, […]

inkportrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 23

More experimenting with my new white ink today. As suspected, it’s not as obvious on white paper, even when layered into dark areas. It does add some nice subtle tonal variations in some spots, however. I should try it on a flat surface, where it will have the chance to pool instead of just dripping […]

3portraitswhiteink - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 22

Yay, new art supplies arrived today. I had made an order a while ago, but there were a couple things out of stock that finally got here. One of them was white ink, which I have never worked with before. To test it out, I decided to try the three faces exercise again. I used […]

expressiveportrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 21

Experiments in expressive portraiture today. I was especially trying to not make the two halves of the face symmetrical. I probably could have pushed it further – will work on this one some more and see what happens.

inkportraits - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 14

Playing around with ink today. Got the paper very wet and just experimented. This week I’ve learned that the two types of heavy-duty drawing paper I have respond very differently to wet materials. Tomorrow I’m giving a presentation about my work at the Edinburgh Art Fair. I’m pretty nervous about it, but optimistic that I […]

2PencilPortrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 11

This was done with two pencils taped together, a black charcoal and a red conte, plus a bit of white pastel. The idea was to produce some unexpected lines and expressiveness. Not my favorite portrait drawing of the week, but it was an interesting exercise nonetheless.

portrait - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 9

Another expressive portrait for you today, in charcoal and white pastel. I might come back and work on this one some more, but I’ll let it sit for a day or two, first.

boldshadows - 1

Art Every Day Month, day 4

Today I did an exercise for Gillian‘s course which involved using oiled charcoal, a new medium for me. I love being told to try something new. When it’s my first time working in a certain way, there’s less pressure to be good at it. It’s freeing, and helps me just get to work. So the idea […]

expressivefaces - 3

Art Every Day Month, day 3

Today the focus was on expressive portraits. The idea was to keep everything loose and expressive, and not worry about likeness. I think I could have done better on the loose and expressive fronts, as my lines tightened up too much on the longer sketches. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll give it another go.

LandscapesInProgress 3

January landscapes

Happy new year, my three readers. It’s cold and drafty in my studio, but I’m pretty sure it’s building my character, or something. This month my art has mainly focused on Scottish landscapes. Landscapes are a new challenge for me. How to create paintings that are interesting? Communicating an aspect of the beauty of a place […]


Day 4: drooling over macarons

For my new series of work exploring Edinburgh’s food and drink culture, I’m starting small – little dishes and drinks, simple compositions that catch my eye. I have to admit, I’m strangely pleased with this wee oil sketch. For inspiration I used a photo of a dessert we had not too long ago at Field, […]


Mixed-media portrait: Betty in her dirndl

Betty in her dirndl, 56 x 42 cm, mixed media on watercolor paper, ©2012 Julie Galante. I’m proud to say that I’m still managing to fit in a little bit of art every day, even amongst the pre-move chaos. Less than two weeks left in this apartment, and this studio. I’m focusing on mixed-media techniques […]

The Dance Recital, London

Mixed media: the dance recital

The London Dance Recital, 45 x 30 cm, mixed media on paper, ©2012 Julie Galante. [SOLD] I am immensely enjoying my summer in the studio, although I’m still fighting other distractions to protect my painting time. One of those distractions is my own brain, which has been working overtime trying to figure out what art […]

Annie Portrait in pastel

Summer in the studio

Summer is a wonderful time to be in my studio. The long days give me extra hours of good light. Plus I don’t travel as much in the summer (I am a weirdo who doesn’t like heat), so I have more weeks of uninterrupted time to develop projects. Last week I finished off some commissions […]

Emily in her Dirndl, original oil painting

Dirndl Portrait: Emily

Dirndl Portrait: Emily, 80 x 60 cm, oil on canvas, ©2012 Julie Galante. Will you be in Munich next week? If so, you’re invited to stop by my Open Studio on June 12th.  I recently updated my art website to include my first 10 dirndl portraits. Another two are just getting some final touch-ups, and […]

Mixed Media portrait of Anita - in progress

Mixing things up

Untitled (in progress), 40 x 30 cm, mixed media on paper, ©2012 Julie Galante. My studio looks a little different this week. The oil paints have been temporarily shoved to the side to make way for some new works on paper which I’m creating for an upcoming show. This particular piece is being created on […]

Dirndl Portrait in progress - Kim

Dirndl portraits: the goal is in sight

Dirndl Portrait: Kim (in progress, detail), 60 x 80 cm, oil on canvas, ©2012 Julie Galante. I gave myself until the end of February to complete at least 10 (preferably 12) of these large dirndl portraits. It will be close, but I think I will make it. I have five that are complete and another six […]

Painting in Progress: Bea in her dindl

In progress: more dirndl portraits

Bea in her dirndl (work in progress), 80 x 60 cm, oil on canvas, ©2012 Julie Galante. I have nine large dirndl paintings that are in progress or finished so far, all of them hanging out around my studio. I think they’re going to make for an interesting body of work – so many beautiful […]

Portrait of Sarah in a dirndl, original oil painting in progress

Painting in Progress: Sarah in a dirndl

Sarah in a dirndl (work in progress), 80 x 60 cm, oil on canvas, ©2012 Julie Galante. Happy New Year! I’m back in my studio in Munich and painting up a storm. My first goal of 2012 is to complete the first 10 paintings in my Women in Dirndls series. I have about seven of […]

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